Alexander Technique – Preventing back pain at work

Causes and solutions for back pain at work

In this interview with Radio Pembrokeshire, Ian Cross from Cardigan Alexander Technique is asked about the causes of and solutions for back pain at work. Ian explains that the problem should not be seen as one of posture which can be fixed by changing anything directly.

Preventing back pain

The Alexander Technique is preventative: we need to become aware of what we’re doing wrong and learn to prevent it. Sadly there is no quick fix but Alexander Technique lessons can get you going in the right direction.

Ian’s main tip for prevention of back pain at work is this: if you become aware of yourself slumping, don’t sit up straight! Instead get up and have a walk around, preferably to look at something natural and interesting.

If your back is hurting, lie on your back on a hard surface with your head resting on some books about 4 inches in height and with your knees pointing to the ceiling.

Listen to the interview

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Alexander Technique CardiganAbout The Author

Ian Cross is a fully qualified Alexander Technique teacher located in St Dogmaels, near Cardigan, Pembrokeshire. Ian typically draws clients from St Dogmaels, Cardigan, Penparc, Gwbert and Newport.

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