Stress management introduction – getting started

Introduction to Stress Management

We all know what it feels like to be so exhausted we cannot sleep. Our heads spinning with things we should have done, or to feel overwhelmed and unable to cope with work and family. Stress can get to all of us and the reason you have picked up this book is because you want to do something positive about it.

Stress can be caused by many different factors – work, bereavement, traffic jams, and noise, for example – and it can effect people in numerous ways. In this section, you will learn how to control the different elements that cause you s tress and you will also discover how to reduce the actual stress you feel to an acceptable level.

How to use the information

We’ve divided Stress Management into two parts. The articles in Part One will help you identify and understand the sources of stress in your life. In the course of reading through, you may be surprised to learn that the goal of this section is not to eliminate all stress from your life – some stress is actually good for you and life without any stress at all would be impossibly dull!

Because we are all different, it is important to fine the level and types of stress that bother you. To help you do this, Part One contains numerous quizzes and questionnaires that are designed to help you assess your life honestly. After you have pinpointed the areas that need to be worked on to get rid of the negative effects of stress, you can move on to Part Two which shows you how to take positive action.

In part Two, you will learn how to manage, control and overcome the negative effects of stress. There is no single approach to dealing with stress, so in this section you will find methods and suggestions for reducing and controlling the strains of everyday life – you can choose those which are most appropriate for you. Some of the exercises ask you to write things down.

You may think that this is crass or unnecessary but it is not. By jotting things down, you show yourself commitment and provide yourself with written statements which are easier to act on than nebulous thoughts. Writing things down is crucial; to combating stress successfully. Part Two will also help you to develop a lifestyle that will improve your resistance to – and safeguard you from – stress-induced illness.

The Relaxation Audio

The purpose of the audio is to help you to relax. You can listen to it during your lunch break or in the evening when you get home from work – in fact at virtually any time when you feel tense and wound up (not, however, when you are driving or operating machinery). Full instructions on the use of the relaxation audio are here.

Once you are familiar with its contents, you can treat this Stress Management section rather like a tool box – you can dip into it and use the sections you need, exactly when you need them.

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