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Writing your GoToSee Profile Page

Your GoToSee profile page is a valuable tool for creating and running a successful business. The importance of having a web presence and an effective online marketing strategy is integral to attracting new clients. With internet connections now commonplace in the public, home and work environments, people are utilising the web as their first port of call for information.

Given this information portal is so readily accessible, practitioners listed with GoToSee should utilise their profile page to its full potential – this means writing your content in a way that will attract new clients. In this article we’ll show you how to go about this.

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Creating the right content >>

Creating the right content for your page

Creating the right content for your profile page

The first question you need to ask yourself before you start writing content for your profile page is “what do I want my page to do?” Seems a strange thing to mention, but too often therapists with a new profile page will be so excited about the design aspect, the images they want to show and their portfolio or business type, they forget to think about what their page is actually trying to achieve.

This approach will create the wrong type of profile page i.e. a page you like the look of and only includes information about your skills and qualifications. If left in this state, you’ll find it hard to understand why it isn’t attracting any new clients.

Think about the end result of your profile page to begin with. What are your objectives for the page? If you have none then you can’t expect to receive any interest. Here’s a few examples of possible objectives you want your site to achieve:

– Generating as many enquiries about your service as possible
– Converting those enquiries into the maximum number of bookings
– Driving large numbers of traffic/visitors to your website (if you have one)
– Combining all three of the objectives above

By creating a profile page that is focused on those objectives you can turn them into the desired final outcome. In order to present your objectives in a logical way here are headings or topics you could provide details on:

– Areas of speciality
– Common conditions/ ailments you treat
– Your approach/ what to expect
– About therapies
– About me
– Opening times
– Testimonials
– Prices & Packages

This initial information is important, but it won’t create the determining factor as to why a potential client will contact you. The vital part of marketing yourself online rests on your ability to display the benefits of your service.

There’s a set of concepts that are known in advertising circles as “direct response advertising” and you need to apply these concepts within your page’s content. In the next section we’ll show you how.

Presenting the benefits of your service >>

Presenting the benefits of your service

How to present the benefits of your service within your content

Here we’ll show how to present the benefits of your service within the content of your profile page enabling you to market yourself to prospective clients in the best way possible.

1. Speak directly to your reader

Remember that you’re speaking to your reader in person and in isolation. While you may have plenty of visitors to your profile page on GoToSee, speak to each one as if you were talking to them face-to-face. The reader is the most important factor – not you or your business. Don’t use words such as “we” or “our”. Write in the first person using “I” and “my”.

“We provide a holistic approach to health care.”
“Our service can help overcome many problems.”

“I provide a holistic approach to your health.”
“My service can help you overcome a number of health problems such as…”

Using “I”, “my”, “you” and “your” connects you to the reader who will then find it easier to visualise how treatment from you will be of benefit to them.

2. Write about the benefits of your therapy

The biggest mistake many therapists make on their profile page is to only list their services and not explain how their particular therapy or modality can help. Communicate the benefits of using your service otherwise the majority of people viewing your page who have no knowledge of your therapy will not be compelled to utilise it.

On the other side, those who do have knowledge of your therapy won’t be given a reason to choose you as their practitioner over another who does explain their services. You may be good at your job, but if you can’t communicate the benefits of your service you’ll lose out to someone who can and they may not be as skilled in the modality as you.

So what’s the secret to writing content that will present the benefits of your service or product? Use words that will help your reader visualise what you do and how it will help to improve their life.

Let’s take sports massage as an example. Avoid writing on your site that you:

“Specialise in sports massage”

When trying to describe your services, far better to present your reader with this description:

“Do you want to improve your sports performance, relieve muscular pain or help your body recover from injuries quickly? I specialise in sports massage techniques which when applied will help you return to the pinnacle of your sport faster.”

The second example is appealing and communicates the benefits of your service by using words that a reader can visualise. Use this way of writing in all your promotional material.

3. Present the reader with solutions

Why is the reader visiting your profile page? To view your service or see what products you have to offer?


People’s motivation for finding your service is because they have a problem and want a solution for it. By understanding your reader’s motivation you can create content that presents them with a solution.

Somebody with a sports injury isn’t looking for a sports massage therapy session but a way to overcome their injury quickly, effectively and return them to their chosen sport. The actual therapy could be the way for them to achieve what they want so sports massage is a means to an end.

What the reader is getting from you is a resolution to their problem so they feel better, get healthy and return to their normal routine. Therefore, you should present information on your page about how your therapy provides solutions to a range of problems that have associations with your target market.

4. Don’t create content that’s too brief

Avoid keeping the content on your page brief and listing your services as bullet points. While this keeps everything easy to read there’s nothing there presenting the benefits of your service to the reader.

Make the reader feel compelled to want to contact you for more information. Once contact has been made the chances of turning that enquiry into a booking increase dramatically.

Don’t make your content boring, but at the same time don’t be afraid of making your website longer with more content. As long as the information is communicated using the methods we’ve spoken about the reader will be interested and likely to see how your service will benefit them.

5. Unique Content

When producing descriptive content for your profile page it is important to note that GoToSee have a policy of only publishing ‘unique content’. This policy is the corner stone to our success and one of the reasons we are so popular with the search engines.

So what do we mean by ‘unique’? Basically the content should not published or appear anywhere else on the web and that includes your own website (if you have one – don’t forget GoToSee build low cost practitioner websites which we discount to our existing customers: Read More Here)

If we do publish blocks of text from an existing web page then the search engines will see it is duplicated and will suppress your profile page i.e. it won’t appear in the natural search results (the results on the left hand side of the page on search engines such as Google).

So, if you’re adding a description to your profile page such as ‘About Me‘ and this appears on your own website either re-word your content to avoid a problem or write something completely new. Whilst this may be slightly more work in the early stages it is vital to the long term success of your page.

Don’t worry too much about this as any content you submit will be screened by our publishing team who will flag up any potential problems and help you get it right.

6. Request information from your reader

Sometimes referred to as a “call to action”, asking your reader to do something and giving them reason to do it as soon as possible is an effective promotional tool. Talking about your service and skills isn’t enough if you don’t ask the interested reader to take action.

Ask your reader to get in contact and provide more information about their particular problem or suggest they book a session as soon as possible to take advantage of all the benefits your therapy can offer.

Your request should work in translating a reader of your page into a customer of your business. Asking them to take this action now will mean they won’t go away thinking they’ll do it later only to forget. All your hard work at explaining the benefits and solutions will be undone if you’ve not followed this up with a request.

A good idea to make people act is to offer a discount or special offer. This can be done by offering it to the first ten people who respond or make an enquiry.

Download this article

Download this article

Running promotional giveaways or discounts is a great way to prevent readers debating for too long about whether to get in touch.

If you’re still unsure how to go about writing content for your profile page call our team on 0208 446 2224.

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