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What is a reciprocal link?

When starting out with your therapy practice website it’s important to have an effective marketing strategy and one factor to consider is reciprocal links. Put simply, a reciprocal link means that two different websites link to each other. By reciprocal linking with another website you both generate traffic and visitors to your site.

Who should you reciprocal link with?

The key to reciprocal linking is to be strategic and choose wisely. You should only ask to link with quality websites which have related and relevant information to the business sector that you’re in. Therefore, if you’re in the complementary therapy and alternative medicine sector try to link with quality sites that are in the same industry and will provide your visitors with decent information.

Marketing costs are an inevitable part of having a successful website but reciprocal links are essentially a free tool. Ask to reciprocal link with a site that is relevant and performs well on search engine results and you’ll see the benefits to your search engine page rank.

Won’t linking to another website mean my visitors have left my site?

No, a reciprocal link will not drain traffic from your site if the link is well designed. By this we mean using the right coding to the site that you link with so the website opens in a new browser window leaving your site still open and viewable. Therefore, you’re providing your visitors with extra information from your reciprocal linked site but still keeping them on yours.

Linking to GoToSee

If you’re a therapist listed on GoToSee with your own website then you should definitely take advantage of reciprocal linking with us. Your therapist listing will already have your website link on a page within our site so boost the power of that link with a reciprocal link back to GoToSee.

How to link to GoToSee

Linking back to GoToSee is simple to do and we offer a number of ways in which you can do so. If you’re not web savvy ask your webmaster to do this for you. If you have access to the code of your site then you can add the links we’ve provided below anywhere on your page. Ideally you should place the link on your home page.

Text Links

A text link, as the name suggests, is a link that is in text form which when clicked will take a visitor to another website or page. The link is constructed using HTML (website code) and will look like this (we’ve colour-coded it so we can explain what it means):

GoToSee: <a href= target=_blank title=The Health & Therapy Guide >The Health & Therapy Guide</a>

Let’s break this down into manageable parts to explain how it works:

1. GoToSee:

This is a straightforward text element and identifies the name of our website. The element can say whatever you want it to but for the purposes of making the link work with us use the name of our business.

2. <a href= target=_blank title=The Health & Therapy Guide >

This is the html start tag and contains the attributes of the link i.e. it tells the website what to do.

If we break this down, the first section states where the link will go to. As you can see, this link is going to the GoToSee home page – a href=

The second part target=_blank states that the link to our website should open in a new browser window (remember what we said about not draining traffic from your site).

The third part  title=The Health & Therapy Guide will create a visual identification above the link when you hover over it (try it out with the links we’ve provided below).

3. The Health & Therapy Guide

The third part of the link is the element content and defines the text that will display for the link. It’s important to use these words as they are relevant to our site which you are linking to.

4. </a>

This is the end tag which closes off the link.  Without this, the link will not work.

Should you wish to include a text reciprocal link to GoToSee on your website here’s a few options for you to choose from. We’ve included the code which you can place anywhere on your site and an example of how it may look. Just highlight the code, right click on your mouse and choose copy. Then, go to the html code for your web page where you want the code to appear and paste it in.

GoToSee – Text Link 1

The code

GoToSee: <a href= title=The-Health-And-Therapy-Website target=_blank>The Health and Therapy Website</a>

How it will look

GoToSee: The Health And Therapy Website

GoToSee – Text Link 2

The code

GoToSee: <a href= title=The-online-health-and-therapy-guide” target=_blank>The Online Health and Therapy Guide</a>

How it will look

GoToSee: The Online Health and Therapy Guide

Logo Links

Logo links are for many people the preferred choice because they look better on the page. You don’t have to do anything other than paste the code we’ve provided for you and the logo will appear on your website. When clicked on, the link will take the visitor to our site just like the text links we’ve already given you.

GoToSee Logo Link 1

<a href= target=_blank><img src= alt=The-health-and-therapy-website width=200 height=40 border=0></a>

GoToSee Logo Link 2

<a href= target=_blank><img src= alt=The-online-health-and-therapy-and-guide width=200 height=50 border=0></a>

GoToSee – Logo Link 3

<a href= target=_blank><img src= alt=The-online-guide-for-health-and-wellbeing width=145 height=131 border=0></a>

If you’re still unsure what to do then give our internet team a call on 0208 446 2224.

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