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Setting Up

Setting Up Your Profile Page


Setting up a profile page with GoToSee is quick, easy and painless. Our publishing team will create your basic page within 24 hours.

To help us create your page we will in the first instance visit your website and take the relevant content, images and logos and use it to build your profile page.

If you don’t currently have a website then your account manager will either call or email you to obtain the information required. At this stage it will be some of the following:

  1. A photo of you or practice logo (statistics show that people are more likely to contact you if they can see who they’ll be dealing with)
  2. Common Ailments/ Conditions Treated
  3. Therapies practised
  4. Your Contact details e.g. full practice address/es, telephone numbers, email, qualifications, governing body memberships and accreditations

Once we have all the information we need we will create your profile page which will ensure you are found on our platform under the therapies/ services you provide and in distance order by post code.

Download this article

Download this article

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Managing & Updating

Managing And Updating Your Page

Once our team has created your listing you will get access to your own user area where you can login to view your statistics and manage your listing.

Inside this area you can edit all of the following:

– Photo/ Practice Logo
– Common Conditions/ Problems Treated
– Qualifications & Membership Details
– Therapies/ Services Offered
– Contact Details & Practice Locations

The only parts of you profile page which you can’t directly edit are:

– Short Description/ introductory text box
– Further Information Section

These are very important parts of your page and we maintain editorial control for a variety of reasons:

We want your page to look professional – We are experienced web publishers and will make sure your page is clean, clear and eye catching and provides a professional representation of your practice.

You are paying for results – It allows our technical team to optimise your page and content for the search engines helping your page appear high up on the search results.

We have a strong marketing background – We like to review any text you submit from a marketing point of view. We believe our marketing background and knowledge within this sector will prove an invaluable support when producing your page.

To make changes and amendments to these parts or any indeed any parts of your profile page simply call our team on 0208 446 224 or email

Please Note – If you don’t want to update your user area because you’re too busy or you’re simply not very technical then call or email our team at any time and we’ll do the updates. There is no additional charge and you can make as many changes as you want. We actively encourage this as it helps keep your page refreshed on the search engines.

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Making the Most of Your Page

Making the Most of Your Profile Page

Once our team initially creates your page and allows you access to the user area it is important to note that this is only the first step towards building an effective online marketing tool for your practice.

If you think of your page like an empty shop in a busy shopping centre we need to fill up the window and stack the shelves with information. By doing this you increase the volume of people who read your profile page. If the reader likes what they see they’ll begin a call to action by either: visiting your website, calling you up or sending you an email enquiry

Your profile page consists of individual sections which if correctly set out will combine together to create a powerful online brochure that tells the reader who you are, what you do, how you can help and so on.

Let’s briefly look at these one by one in our case study. By using an example of a current page which is well laid out and has the right balance of informative text you’ll see how powerful a tool your profile page can be.

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Case Study

Profile Page Case Study

The following listing is a good example of well laid out and informative profile page.

Let’s quickly work down the page and look at the individual areas. Click on the images to enlarge them and see how your page should look (image will open in a new window):

Photo/ Practice Logo

Add a photo or practice logo

This practitioner has taken the time to produce a clean crisp high quality image. It immediately provides a good visual impression in the search results and when you land on the page. In our experience a listing with a photograph of the practitioner creates a better click through rate than one with no image or an abstract image e.g. a field or jigsaw puzzle.

Short Description/ introductory text box

Include a short description

This text box sits at the top of your page alongside your photo or business logo. You are limited to 800 characters and it is an ideal space to summarise exactly who you are, the services you offer and how you can help. This information will be expanded upon in the main Further Information Section of your page but this summary is a good place to write an overview of your service.

In this example you can see the practitioner efficiently tells the reader about:

– The services she offers e.g. Counselling, Psychotherapy, NLP
– The catchment area she covers e.g. Frome, Bath etc.
– Her approach and area of speciality e.g. Tailored to the individual, NLP
– The long term benefits of her services
– Her background within the NHS and professional memberships

In a small space she has managed to quickly and concisely summarise all the relevant points that should make the reader want to find out more below.

Further Information Section

Add further information

This section is a very important part of your page:

You can provide an unlimited amount of text
You can add as many images as you want
It lets you tell the reader all about you, your services and how you can help
It helps the search engines index your page. So good relevant text will help your page appear higher up the search results

In the section there is a fairly logical order of headings that we think you should provide details under and these are as follows:

Your Areas of Speciality
Common Areas/ Conditions You Can Help
What to Expect
About therapy/ies
About Me
My Packages & Prices
Opening Hours / Available Days

Again looking at the case study you can see our publishing team have incorporated her logo, colour scheme and images from her website serving to break up the content and produce an eye catching format.

Regarding the content you can quickly and easily read:

Areas Of Speciality
What To Expect
Her Background & Experience
Packages & Prices

She also displays links to a couple of articles she has published on the topic of Stress & Anxiety. This is an excellent way of showing readers your expertise, interest or speciality within your chosen field.

Writing an article for GoToSee

Publishing articles gives you more exposure on our platform and on the internet in general. This means the more places you appear, the more people will find you.

To give you a further insight, a search for ‘helping stress’ OR ‘helping stress anxiety’ pulls up over 321,000,000 pages but articles published on GoToSee appear top of Page 1.

Click on the image below to enlarge the results:

GoToSee articles perform well on search engines


Click on the link to see the results:;_ylt=A1f4cfiTGjFK6bEAxaFLBQx.?p=helping+stress+&fr=yfp-t-501&fr2=sb-top&rd=r1&sao=0

Anyone can publish an article or case study providing they meet our strict criteria. It’s free to do and delivers a tangible traffic boost. To find out more about getting published within our site follow this link:

In our experience someone searching for a practitioner for a particular reason will browse 3 or 4 listings before making a decision. In this case study, if someone was looking for help with stress/ anxiety and found this page there could still be other practitioners closer to their location but they will probably still decide to visit this practitioner.  She may be further away, but she has demonstrated specialities with the problem they need help with.

Please Note: Because the “Further Information Section” is so important our team manage and set this for you. When you have your text and or images ready email it over ( and we will do the work. You can either send the text as you write it or in one block. Don’t forget you can change this as often as you want.

Common Conditions/ Problems Treated

What conditions do you treat?

This is a useful quick glance list for the reader to see if you are able to help with their particular condition or ailment. Quite often people scan pages rather than reading every word so this bullet point list works well.

There are 100’s of ailments to choose from which also link to our Body Map area. If we don’t have a particular ailment or condition let us know and we will look to add it in.

Qualifications & Membership Details

Your qualifications and professional memberships

For the reader scanning the page this section lets them easily find out your qualifications and membership details. We only list qualified practitioners and manually check every application before allowing a profile page to be published.

When we have verified the qualifications and/ or membership details we award our verification seal which confirms they have met our guidelines. Click on the image below for an example.

Are you verified?

To find out more about our guidelines and verification policy please follow this link:

Therapies/ Services Offered

What therapies/services do you offer?

This section links all of the therapies that you practice.

Contact Details & Location

Your contact details

This final part of the listing provides your full contact details, email and link to your website. It also provides a link to a Google map that shows the reader exactly where you are based. If you have multiple locations then a series of details and maps will display.

Now we’ve looked at an ideal case study let’s review what you need to do with our check list.

Check List >>

Check List

Quick check list

1. Provide a photograph of yourself or a company logo

2. Short Description

a. Write a summary of your practice, services, modalities etc.
b. Check your catchment area locations are correct. Send over any additions to the list.
c. This needs to be emailed over to our team.

3. Further Information

This is one of the most important parts of your page so don’t forget to provide information telling people about you, practice, areas of speciality, what to expect etc. As previously discussed in the case study this is an integral part of your profile page. You need to write this text and submit it to our team for review and publication.

4. Common Conditions Problems/ Treated

a. Add to this list by either logging on to your user area or call our team to set over the phone.
b. If we don’t have an important ailment/problem you treat let us know and we will add it for you.

5. Qualifications & Membership Details

Either add these yourself in your user area or call/ email our team.

6. Practice Address/es

Check these are correct and the Google map displays the correct locations.

7. Email

Send yourself a test email and check your inbox to see you are receiving any future enquiries. The first email from your listing may be diverted into your Junk Mail/ Spam folder so don’t forget to check this.

8. Website

If you have this link click on it and check it is correct.

Download this article

Download this article

Now you have the basics, how do you go about creating the right content for your page? Read our article:

‘How to write content for your GoToSee Profile Page’

If you’re still unsure what to do to improve your profile page our team is on hand to help so give us call on 0208 446 2224.

Internet marketing expertsAbout The Author GoToSee have years of experience in the alternative medicine/complementary therapy sector and a wealth of internet marketing knowledge.

We’re here to help drive potential clients to your therapy business using a mix of search engine skills, public relations and online and offline marketing.

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