Stop smoking with hypnotherapy

If you’re looking to quit smoking, hypnotherapy could be the best way to do it. Hypnosis has proven to be one the most effective ways to give up cigarettes using methods that are non-invasive and long-lasting.

This video looks at someone choosing hypnotherapy to help them stop smoking and the effects the therapy has on them.

Why are you having hypnotherapy?

I’m Gemma and I’m 24 and I live in Manchester. I started smoking when I was 18, I’d passed on the school thing, all my friends used to smoke but it wasn’t till I started Uni and going out at weekends that it became a habit.

I’m smoking ten or sometimes 20 a day and I don’t like it so I decided to seek help. The reason I mainly want to stop is major health reasons. My Mum has just had breast cancer, she has recovered but that’s a main factor and I don’t like being addicted to it, I don’t like the power it’s got over me. I want to be smoke free and not thinking I need a cigarette all the time.

I’m trying hypnosis over, say patches, because I’ve tried to quit but I’ve not put much effort into it and I’m hoping this will sort it out for me. My Mum does hypnotherapy and has had some success stories with her patients and I haven’t had much willpower with the other methods.

(Gemma is then hypnotised and a stop smoking session is carried out with a clinical hypnotherapist.)

How do you feel after being hypnotised?

After being hypnotised I feel really, really calm, nice and chilled and really relaxed. It wasn’t any different to what I thought it would be but I didn’t think that I would respond to your voice in terms of making myself relax but I seemed to.

It was nice, it went quickly and was enjoyable. As regards smoking I feel like I’m at a crossroads, I can make a decision that it’s not part of my life any more and it’s not a nice feeling to be associated with smoke or anything like that. I feel almost free that I don’t smoke.

I would definitely tell people to give hypnotherapy a go to help them stop smoking. It’s all about changing the way you think about things and your approach and willpowers great doing it on your own but you can address certain issues in you life, it’s not just about stopping smoking but altering and improving other parts of your life as well. It all comes together and makes other parts of you life better

(Since her session Gemma has not smoked a single cigarette.)

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