Sports massage for foot and ankle injuries

sports massage foot ankle injury

Sports massage is a therapy that helps athletes and active people to enhance performance, reduce injury and speed up recovery times. A sports massage therapist employs a variety of techniques to ease muscle tension and improve circulation to affected areas of the body.

This short video explains some of the sports massage methods used for foot and ankle injuries.

Sports massage techniques for sports injuries

What you are going to want to do is release the tension in the calves and soleus area. The calves and soleus join together at the Achilles tendon which is a continuing band of fossure which goes around the calcanius and goes underneath to this planer fossure so you’ll want to make this relaxed and as broadened as possible so that it releases that planer fissure.

From this position you bend the clients knee and brace it and then go ahead and use nice broadening techniques along the gastrox and the soleus area, pulling back, spreading the tissues and when you find an area of tension you go ahead and do circular friction around that area to release the tender points.

Ice can be used in a couple of different ways to help benefit inflammation in the plantar fascia. On way is to take a flexible gel pack and wrap it in a towel to protect the athletes’ skin and place it over the planer side of the foot. You need to be careful placing ice on the foot because sometimes people have a decreased sensation in their feet and they need to know when to take the ice off. I recommend about 10 minutes. So this is one way of applying ice to the area so I would wrap a towel or an Ace bandage around this to hold it securely to the arch, you want it to form around the foot.

Another way you can apply ice is with a frozen juice can and you have the athlete put it on the floor and roll it up and down the arch of the foot. This provides a nice stretch to the fissure and cools the tissue at the same time
After you’ve worked the muscles you’re going to want to stretch the fascia out and its very beneficial to lengthen this area out. So what you do is take a hand towel and fold the insides in get the patient to sit up

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