Life Coaching – An overview

Life CoachingLife Coaching uses various methods and techniques to help people achieve personal or professional goals through positive belief, encouragement and a clear direction.

This video gives an overview of Life Coaching explaining exactly what it is and how it can help.

Life Coaching

Life can be challenging and seemingly too difficult to cope with at times. Some obstacles that may be in our way seem insurmountable and goals and dreams we have undoable.

Some of the reasons we feel we cannot cope or the things we want to do are undoable is a lack of confidence in ourselves. Or old habits that we learned when we were younger, not giving ourselves enough quiet time to investigate options or dreams may be another reason or listening to what others say instead of ourselves.

What’s a Life Coach?

A coach is someone who can help. A coach has been trained to assist a client with compassionate listening. A coach has the ability to walk with a client in their situation as another pair of eyes and ears. A coach makes no judgement about the clients situation, dreams and ideas because a coach knows that a client is in the correct situation at that time for them and that they have all the answers inside themselves.

This is very different from mentors or therapists. Coaches honour the client with respect, motivation and support. A coach works with a client from the present into the future not looking at the past. This is also different from therapists. Coaches vary with their specialities and they can range from real estate coaches to corporate coaches to life coaches, transition coaches and empty nest coaches.

A good coaching relationship between client and coach is above all honouring, supportive and dynamic. And ends with success for the client that they can move in their life with confidence and with the tools to make their dreams come true.

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