Helping relationships – Counselling versus Life Coaching

Helping relationship problemsRelationship problems can be overcome using a variety of therapies but which would be best for you. In this film, an expert discusses the difference between counselling and coaching relationships and the benefits of both methods.

Counselling and Life Coaching

What I want you to know is the difference between counselling and coaching. Both have value but they are totally different structures that can assist us in arriving at a place.

Counselling typically takes us from the past into the present, it has us examine the things that have shaped us and place us where we are really stuck. In counselling we tend to spend a lot of time back there.

Conversely in coaching we are very much in the moment, in the present. Relationship coaching is powerful in that it has people focusing on what’s happening in the here and now. Yes, we might look at the influences from the past but the real focus is on choosing how we want to be in the present. It’s a very powerful process.

Also, in coaching it’s really clear that the answers are inside of you. The role of the relationship coach is simply to help you find the powerful answers that lie within you. This is done through asking powerful questions, the interesting thing is that what shows up is the saboteur, the part of us that gets in our own way. In counselling we call it the Ego. Its really one and the same.

For many people the saboteur firmly has its hands on the wheel of the bus of your life and the irony is that you’re driving down the street of your life with your eyes firmly planted in the rear view mirror only looking at what hasn’t worked in the past and why things wont work in the future.

Coaching helps us bring our eyes back into present and looking into the future. Coaching takes us from where we are into where we want to be in a very graceful, elegant and profound way.

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