Psychotherapy – What to expect

Psychotherapy can be done on a one-to-one basis or within a group. The therapy involves talking through problems to find a positive solution.

By developing a relationship with a patient, a psychotherapist is able to help them explore emotional experiences that may be the cause of negative feelings, anxieties, depression or mental health disorders.

This short video explains what to expect from psychotherapy from the point of a psychotherapist.

Your first psychotherapy session

When people have their first session of psychotherapy their perception is often varied. Sometimes people are reaching out when they are really in crisis and there is a driving need to tell their story so the therapist will do a lot of listening and then reflection so they fully understand the problem. The therapist will then probably provide some feedback on what has been told to them.

Other people may just have general questions about themselves and their life. The process of listening is so important and fundamental to the therapy process. The relationship and rapport between the therapist and the patient is vital to allow the process of healing to take place.

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