EFT - Video, Guidehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75D56JICBRQEFT (emotional freedom technique) uses a tapping sequence on precise points of the body while thinking about a particular negative problem or event. The method is similar to Thought Field Therapy (TFT) but differs in that TFT uses specific points for a problem while EFT has a comprehensive pattern for all problems.

In this film, co-creator of EFT, Gary Craig, explains the therapy and the impact it can have on a variety of physical, psychological and emotional problems.

What is EFT?

EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique, is similar to acupuncture except it’s an emotional version that avoids the use of needles to help address emotional problems.

Disease, ailments and physical problems have an emotional contributor that has a greater affect than we’re given to believe. We have an intuition that lets us know when we’re burdened with anger, guilt, grief or trauma by manifesting physically.

When we’re angry our stomach muscles may tighten, veins bulge and blood pressure becomes raised.. Emotions cause physical things. Keep that up for too long and you’re open to developing disease.

EFT zeros in on the problem and gets results where nothing else will, it’s possible to clear emotional issues at a deep enough level than physical healing results.

EFT for treating emotional problems and phobias

Acupuncture targets the energy running throughout the body through channels known as meridians. If they’re not flowing properly, the body’s health is not well. However, by stimulating these meridians using a tapping method with the fingertips it tends to balance the energy out and someone with an intense emotional problem will find it can just fade away.

It can happen in minutes. Once you address these emotional issues correctly and actually resolve them, physical issues start to resolve too.

What we’ve done is taken an ancient and Chinese method of healing and added an innovation or two to create a new healing process.

EFT can be used for treating nearly everything from chronic fatigue to fear of flying, cravings, diverticulitis, post traumatic stress disorder, insomnia and vision problems.
The great thing about EFT is that it’s easy to learn.

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