Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Causes, Symptoms and Cure

Symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a bowel disorder which is commonly characterised by abdominal pain [which can range from mild to very severe], bloating, discomfort and disruption of normal bowel habits.

Commonly, diarrhoea, constipation, or fluctuations between the two, tends to occur. IBS sufferers also often experience sudden immediate need for movements of the bowel or a sensation if incomplete evacuation (known as tenesmus), abdominal distension or bloating, often have reflux, fibromyalgia, headaches and backache.[1]

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) – Years of Mis-Diagnosis

Very often IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) is mis-diagnosed as a reaction or allergy to certain foods, most commonly Gluten, Yeast, Sugars, Wheat, Alcohol, etc.

Worst still is the mis-diagnosis which labels the sufferer as being Coeliac, or suffering from some psychosomatic illness [2,3] or worse, simply as a time wasting Hypochondriac and thus untreatable.

Bizarrely, medical research has, since the 1990s, shown the involvement of biological and pathogenic agents are almost always the major causal factors of IBS. And, on the majority of occasions, has shown that the onset of IBS invariably occurs after an infectious illness characterised by two or more of the following: fever, vomiting or diarrhoea. [4.5] and yet they still persist in the erroneous belief that IBS is an actual disease in itself.

Yet, its very name “Irritable Bowel Syndrome” clearly shows that it cannot be a primary disease. Refer to any medical dictionary and you will see it clearly state that “syndromes” are not diseases – They are “a pattern of symptoms indicative of some disease” [6].

Why Mainstream Medicine Fails IBS Sufferers

So why can’t doctors find the cause of IBS? The reason is they just don’t know how to go about it.

Mainstream medicine openly admits that it has no answers or cure for IBS and at best only offers fairly ineffective treatments which attempt to relieve and reduce symptoms which can include dietary changes, psychological interventions and medication.

It is therefore not surprising that mainstream medicine fails to help IBS sufferers as they are only trying to suppress or reduce the symptoms. THEY ARE NOT TREATING THE CAUSE.

Even if they accept that IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) is a symptom, they will argue that, because there are so many diseases that can cause a combination of IBS-like symptoms there is no specific laboratory or imaging test which can be performed to diagnose and confirm irritable bowel syndrome.[7], there is no way of tracking down the actual cause.

To be fair, many doctors do send blood or stool samples off for testing, but since most of the tests they carry out do little more than confirm the symptoms the patient already knows they have, they get no closer to isolating the true causal pathogen.

Published research by the American Gastroenterological Association has shown that some poor outcomes for patients [ed. by which they mean, having treated a patient, the results were either no better or in many instances worsened their condition] are due to the mis-diagnosis of the condition as being IBS(irritable bowel syndrome).

Some more common examples of the mis-diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) include infectious diseases, gastrointestinal infections, Coeliac disease,[8] parasites,[9] food allergies[10] and finally lactose intolerance.[11]

Curing IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) – Where can you turn ?

Curing IBS – How Clinical Homeopathy Can Help

From a Clinical Homeopathic view-point, there are three simple steps to curing IBS (and any other illness):

1) Find the Cause/Causes

2) Confirm the correct Cure/Cures

3) Treat (kill) the Cause/Causes

Get these three steps right and you must, by definition, get better…

Clinical Homeopathy believes that almost every illness is caused by a specific, or combination of specific pathogens and, as such, there is, in almost every case, a corresponding “specific” solution – a logical and natural cure, whether Homeopathic Treatment (often termed alternative medicine), Allopathic (generally regarded as mainstream medicine), Herbal or Naturopathic.

Clinical Homeopathy uses Bio-Electric Functions Diagnosis, or Electro-Acupuncture as it is sometimes called, to track down the causes of IBS (or any other illness they might be faced with). This is a galvanic skin reaction test which, by measuring changes in the Galvanic (electrical) readings of the skin at specific meridian (acupuncture) points, when subjected to various pathogenic test materials, it is possible to accurately confirm the pathogen(s) causing the illness, whether bacteriological, viral, parasitical or fungal.

In this way, once the pathogen has been isolated, Clinical Homeopathy will use remedies that are derived from the actual pathogens that are causing the problem in the first place to treat the illness. [ed. using exactly the same principles as mainstream medicine when using immunization, inoculation and vaccination to treat illnesses].

The level of recovery and the time it takes will be dependant on a combination of:

1. How long ago the infection occurred (and took hold)
2. The cause of the infection – bacterial, parasitic, fungal, viral (or a combination of any of these)
3. The state of health of the individual both at the beginning of the infection and subsequently [as the individual weakens it is very common for further infections to establish themselves and so exacerbate the condition]
4. The strength of the individual’s immune system
5. How quickly the individual’s body is able to heal the damage caused by the pathogen

However, in most cases, once treatment for IBS has begun, signs of improvement are apparent in a relatively short space of time.

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