Complementary Therapy – What does a brand do?

Brand Communication

A good brand communicates a message and values via a broad range of:

Uniforms (remember the orange Easy Jet ones, or maybe the BA ones?)
Adverts e.g. the award winning Guinness surfing campaign
Digital media

A brand that is effective is embedded in the social consciousness and is underpinned by a central message or concept rather than purely a badge, logo or colour scheme. It is a mixture of elements that pull together.

The term Brand can be used in so many different contexts and terms such as:

Brand name
Brand image
Brand identity
Brand awareness
Brand loyalty
Brand positioning

to name a few….

So without getting too technical I would describe a brand as:

A mixture of associations, experiences and symbols that are all connected with an individual, service or seller/s.

A brand helps you identify a particular philosophy, product, person, or organisation apart from the crowd. When you have a good brand it isnt just about ensuring that your target market selects you over and above the competition, it is actually about making sure your target market see you as the one therapist or practitioner who is able to deliver a particular solution to a particular problem.

How Can A Brand Help?

If you are able to effectively brand your practice and services then you will:

Ensure your potential clients understand your philosophy and approach
Re-enforce your credibility, standards and ethics
Motivate potential clients (buyers) to contact you
Create user loyalty and positive word of mouth

The basic idea behind successfully branding your complementary therapy practice is to build a solid identity that the public will:

Identify with
Fall in love with

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