Branding For Complementary Therapists

Complementary therapy branding

What has branding got to do with complementary therapy you may ask? This article is intended as a beginners guide to branding and looks at how you can incorporate the tools and ideas of branding into your complementary therapy practice.

Everyone has heard of branding but what is it and how can it help complementary therapists or alternative medicine practitioners promote their businesses? You may think branding is something predominantly undertaken by multi nationals with pots of money – and you would be right. However branding and the power of branding can definitely be utilised by small businesses.

The problem is (and we encounter this every day) that the majority of therapists and practitioners are really good at what they do i.e. using their skills to treat, cure and help people. When it comes to curing a fear of flying, helping reduce obesity, dealing with relationship problems, curing a stiff neck or suggesting a herbal supplement to help a skin condition etc., these are the problems and areas a practitioner is trained to deal with and help.

However when it comes to the all important task of telling the world about themselves and the services they offer, many complementary therapists fall short, spend their money ineffectively and as a result struggle to survive.

Branding – An Overview

Where do complementary therapists and alternative medicine practitioners go wrong and how can they create their own world dominating (or in this case – local area) brand. Let’s have a quick look at a few brands.

Some examples are:

· Coca Cola
· Nike
· Apple
· Google
· Liverpool FC
· The Red Cross
· Guinness
· BT
· Gillette
· Unilever
· Penguin Books
· De Beer

All of these are instantly recognisable worldwide. For example, we can all probably recognise the brand from their strap lines or slogans:

· Just do it
· It’s the real the thing
· You’ll never walk alone
· The World’s Favourite Airline
· It’s Good To Talk
· Diamonds Are Forever
· The Best A Man Can Get
· Good things come to those who wait

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