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Anxiety – Is your body telling you something?

Anxiety usually develops after a prolonged period of stress or worry. Eventually the body and mind reach a critical point where the only thing they can do to survive is close down – or ‘breakdown’ which is a term we often use for extreme stress.

The physical and psychological feelings are typically accompanied by panic and detachment which is the body’s way of telling you it needs to rest. Unfortunately, we are rarely allowed the time to rest and so on top of these feelings we begin to worry about the symptoms. Are we going mad? Why are we feeling so anxious? Why can’t we control these emotions? These questions turn over in the mind making the situation worse. We become caught in a vicious cycle with the worry placing ever more strain on the body and mind.

If this sounds familiar to you then don’t fight what your body is saying. Listen to the symptoms but don’t fret about how you’re feeling. Your body needs to rest, so let it.

Don’t dwell on your anxiety

Your mind and body may need to rest, but that shouldn’t mean shutting yourself away from the world. Rejuvenation is just as important to help you heal so get outside and into the fresh air. Find a peaceful place to walk, away from the hustle of life and take in your surroundings. Focusing on something other than yourself will move your thoughts outward rather than inward.

Physical exercise has its benefits to mental wellbeing. Exercising the muscles reduces tension and stress and burning energy flushes out the toxins and help you sleep better (lack of sleep is one of the symptoms of poor mental health).

With good exercise you must also have good nutrition. A bad diet with too much alcohol, processed and sugary food can make the stress worse so stay natural with what you eat. Plenty of fresh fruit and veg washed down with water will cleanse your system making you feel much better.

Reduce anxiety – stop battling it and enjoy just being you

We live in a fast world and it’s easy to get caught up in the madness. How often do you just stop and think about nothing? Rarely if at all. We’re always trying to control how we feel to cope with the pace of modern society. And if you’re suffering with anxiety it’s probably been triggered by your lifestyle. Stop spending all your time worrying about the anxiety symptoms and feelings and allow yourself time to just be you. Forget about how or why you’re in this state and push aside the emotions that are keeping you there.

Accept that you’re feeling anxious and that it will take time for you to heal. Don’t fight anxiety as it makes the condition worse. Once you’ve accepted this, you’ll be on the road to recovery.

Finding the cure for anxiety

There is no miracle cure for anxiety but with patience and some natural therapies you can help reduce the symptoms until, over time, you’ll start to feel as if you can cope with everyday life. You can deal with the physical symptoms of anxiety through exercise therapies such as Yoga or Pilates. By easing the tension in the muscles you can begin to calm the mind. Tension can also be helped with acupuncture and massage.

You may be struggling to figure out why you’re feeling the way you are so talking therapies can help you identify the underlying causes. They may not be obvious but a trained counsellor or psychotherapist can help you uncover the real reason behind your anxiety.

Anxiety and anxiety disorder is a complex condition. Learn more about anxiety and the therapies that can help here.

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