Treating arthritis with Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy Case Study

Ailment: Arthritis
Treatment: Bowen Therapy
Client: Pam

Pam, a 61 year old lady, found me via the internet having had successful Bowen treatments previously for her sciatica with her sister who is a Bowen therapist based in Australia.

Now Pam was suffering badly with arthritic knees. This was severely compromising her quality of life as she couldn’t walk far and needed to use painkillers. However the pain from the arthritis still managed to disturb her sleep and wake her up on a regular basis.

After assessing Pam, I ascertained that the problems with her knees were probably due to the knock on effect of an un-level pelvis and locked sacrum. This is often the case with knee problems, the knee being such a complex joint that it is often the first to show wear and tear.

Bowen Therapy Treating Arthritis – Treatment 1

The first session was aimed at levelling the pelvis and freeing the sacrum.

After the session Pam reported that the pain in her knee went immediately after the moves I made on it.

Bowen Therapy Treating Arthritis – Treatment 2

Pam’s second session of Bowen Therapy was arranged for one week after the first. However Pam called me and asked to bring it forward. Apparently she had felt so well that she found herself running for a bus, but injured herself in the process.

The result was that she now had a swollen left knee and a shooting pain in her calf! The second treatment concentrated on this.

Apart from this blip, Pam reported that her knees were much better and she had felt very well since the first treatment.

Bowen Therapy Treating Arthritis – Treatment 3

A week later Pam came for her third treatment of Bowen Therapy for arthritis. She was extremely pleased saying that her knees were now 95% pain free and she was sleeping much more comfortably.

Upon closer inspection I found she had a much freer movement in her hip joints. Having spoken to her a month later, I was pleased to hear that she is off the painkillers and still feeling “wonderful”

Client Testimonial

Pam provide me with the following feedback:

“I was very pleased with the results I achieved from undergoing a course of Bowen Therapy sessions to help my chronic pain and arthritis. After only 3 treatments, I feel like a new person. I have arthritic knees which were giving me a lot of pain and after Julie did her *thing* the pain has just about gone.

“I am a great believer in Bowen as I discovered it in Australia while travelling with my sister, who is also a Bowen healer and cured me of my sciatica.”

Bowen Therapy NottinghamAbout The Author

Julie Dexter is a fully qualified Bowen Therapist located in Nottingham.

Find out more about Julie’s work by visiting her GoToSee profile page here

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