Natural therapies for hair loss

Introduction to hair loss

If you’re healthy, your hair will grow at a rate of .3mm per day, slowing if you’re elderly or suffering with a serious illness. Typically, adults have around 100,000 hairs on their head and each day can lose between 50 and 100.

The hair on your head doesn’t grow at the same rate. About 80% of hair will grow at any one time while the remaining follicles rest.

If hair loss becomes excessive, it may indicate illness while temporary hair loss can be triggered by psychological or emotional problems such as anxiety, stress and depression or through treatments such as chemotherapy.

However, going bald is typically due to genetics and is generally a hereditary condition affecting men (known as Androgenetic alopecia (AGA) or male pattern baldness). It can be experienced in different ways. Some men develop a receding hairline above the forehead while the hair on the top of the head remains (this is sometimes referred to as a ‘widow’s peak’).

Other men find they lose their hair around the crown at the top of the head to leave a round bald patch (Prince Charles’ for one). Some men experience both a receding hair line and a bald spot while others find their hair thins out completely leading to complete baldness. This type of hair loss can occur as early as teenage years or into the twenties.

Women who suffer with thinning hair usually do so when they reach their forties. It can typically occur during and after the menopause but for some it can begin in puberty. Women tend to lose hair after giving birth due to hormonal changes (during pregnancy hair loss is prevented and can in fact thicken).

Alopecia Areata is a condition whereby there is a rapid loss of hair, usually in round patches. Although the cause of this condition is unknown, it has been linked to diseases that affect the immune system. For those in good health, the cause of Alopecia Areata can be due to a family history.

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