Top hangover cures for Christmas and New Year

Curing a hangover

Want to know the real secret to a hangover? Simple, don’t drink so much or don’t drink at all. That’s easier said than done and even less likely over the Christmas and New Year period so let’s look at some of the natural hangover cures you can try.

Hangover cures range from the sublime to the ridiculous with many being little more than urban myth or even medical myth (some doctors have been known to advocate certain remedies for curing a hangover). ‘Hair of the dog’, fry-ups, strange concoctions involving tobasco and eggs – these so called ‘cures’ can only offer anecdotal evidence to their effectiveness in overcoming a hangover.

This time of year there’ll be an influx of advice to treating a hangover with the basic remedy of water rehydration and salt replacement still seen as the best. However, there are a few natural remedies you can try to ease that throbbing head and churning in the stomach.

Natural hangover cures

Hangover headache – That splitting headache renders you useless as you try to avoid loud noises and bright lights. Taking medications such as aspirin and ibuprofen can affect your stomach which is probably in a delicate state already so go for a herbal alternative. Feverfew leaves have been used effectively in treating headaches and migraines for some time and allergic reactions to them are rare. Feverfew is available in tablet, tincture or liquid extract form.

Hangover Nausea/Sickness – Feeling a bit nauseous? Ditch the caffeine which will make your dehydration worse and make a nice cup of Ginger tea. The soothing spice and warmth of ginger will nurse your stomach back to health. If you don’t fancy the idea of Ginger tea, take a couple of ginger capsules instead.

Another natural hangover cure you may have heard of is the aptly named Nux Vomica. Containing alkaloids, Nux Vomica has proven to be effective in stimulating appetite, easing constipation and generally helping an upset tummy. Nux Vomica is available in tablet or tincture form.

Hangover dehydration – Hangovers are a combination of toxins in the system, depletion of Vitamins and dehydration of fluid. That dry mouth and headache are classic signs of being dehydrated so it makes sense to rehydrate with water before going to bed to lessen the effects the following day. Hydrating properly before you start on the alcohol will also reduce the impact.

Hangover energy drain – We’ve already mentioned that a hangover is caused in part by depletion of essential vitamins in the body and the lack of energy and general listlessness is the physical reaction to it. Replace those vitamins by taking a B-complex tablet before heading to bed and when you wake up. B-12 can also restore energy and help you overcome that drained feeling. Vitamin C can be replaced with tablets or a glass of orange juice or tomato juice.

Bananas can give you a natural sugar hit through the potassium and fructose contained within them. A banana also has natural antacids which will be kind to your stomach and magnesium which can relax blood vessels and ease a pounding headache.

Stay safe and healthy this Christmas and New Year by drinking in moderation.

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