Curing mouth ulcers naturally

Natural cures for mouth ulcers or canker sores

Mouth ulcers – those horrible sores on the lining of the mouth that are both painful and irritating but can also be the sign of something more serious going on in the rest of the body. If you’re looking for a natural way to cure the occasional mouth ulcer, or you suffer from reoccurring mouth ulcers, alternative medicine and complementary therapy has a number of methods and practices to help.

A mouth ulcer is also referred to as a canker sore or apthous ulcer. Ulcers can occur when we accidentally bite the inside of our mouth or when we’re under stress. They can also appear from a viral or bacterial infection such as herpes, or as a reaction to an allergy. People who quit smoking can find they suffer with mouth ulcers as the body reacts to the chemicals and toxins being flushed from the system. Hormones can also be the cause of a mouth ulcer particularly when women are going through the menopause.

With so many reasons for ulcers appearing it can be frustrating to find a suitable treatment. Natural therapies can offer relief from the pain of a mouth ulcer as well as treating the root cause of the problem.

Alternative therapies for treating the root cause of mouth ulcers

One of the major causes of mouth ulcers comes from poor nutrition or digestive problems. If you’re someone who suffers with conditions such as Crohn’s disease then you’re likely to be at a higher risk of persistent mouth ulcers.

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If your diet is poor and lacking in the right nutrients, mouth ulcers may occur. Hot and spicy food can aggravate mouth ulcers as can caffeine and alcohol. If you have mouth ulcers, boost your intake of vitamin C and green vegetables. Nutrition advice from a trained nutritionist can lead to the right diet to prevent the onset of ulcers and sores or clear up reoccurring ulcer problems.

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Somebody under constant stress may find they suffer physical symptoms as their body tries to cope with excessive mental pressure. These symptoms can often manifest as mouth ulcers. If you suffer constant stress in your life you should seek help before the problem also starts to have a serious impact on your mental well-being.

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Women going through the menopause have changing oestrogen hormone levels that result in mouth ulcers as well as other symptoms such as hot flushes, mood swings and palpitations. If mouth ulcers are an ongoing problem associated with your menopausal state, alternative medicine and complementary therapy can help.

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Mouth ulcers and canker sores may be the result of allergies and an allergic reaction to something in your environment. Often that is difficult to determine and the process of elimination takes time and doesn’t always throw up the right result (there may be a combination of allergens that are causing the problem). An allergy test can pinpoint the exact cause of your reaction so you can eliminate it from your lifestyle and hopefully put an end to your ulcer problem.

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Relief from the pain of mouth ulcers

Treating the underlying cause of mouth ulcers is an important step, but what about immediate relief from the pain. There are numerous natural ways to ease ulcer pain that can also help cure a mouth sore.

Ayurvedic Medicine uses a variety of methods for mouth ulcer treatment. Ayurveda is an Indian healthcare system that believes sores and ulcers come from symptoms of high ‘pitta’ (pitta governs the circulatory, digestive and hormonal systems). Ayurveda treats mouth ulcer sufferers with a pitta-soothing diet that avoids hot and spicy foods and suggests cranberry juice in-between meals for relief of pain and inflammation. For relief from the ulcer itself, an aloe vera gel applied three times a day or aloe vera juice washed around the mouth twice a day can ease pain and inflammation.

Homeopathy uses natural medicines such as Merc sol, Nat sulph and Borax for sensitive ulcers, bleeding ulcers and smaller ulcers. Aromatherapy oils are extremely effective for mouth ulcers as they not only provide pain relief but also contain anti-fungal properties to clear up the sore. A mouthwash made from Myrrh and water works really well or you can add the Myrrh to an alcoholic spirit such as vodka or brandy to create a tincture that can be applied directly on to the ulcer. Herbal Medicine remedies that use herbs such as Sage, Thyme or Marigold in tinctures can be applied topically to the ulcer and help to reduce inflammation and aid healing. Echinacea is another efficient herb that can speed up healing of mouth ulcers and also boost your immunity. Henna and Liquorice are herbs that are good for cooling and oral problems (liquorice is added to some toothpaste due its cleansing properties).

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