Curing Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) with nutritional therapy

Nutritional Therapy Case study For IBS

Sex: Male
Age: 39 years
Presenting health concerns: IBS Irritable bowel syndrome
Cause: Tired bloating flatulence diarrhoea most mornings

Darren came to me in January 07 after suffering the seemingly widespread syndrome – IBS for the previous year. He was taking no medication / health supplements and was having no treatment at all.

He had a very hectic work schedule, working several nights till the early hours as well as in the daytime. His IBS symptoms were greatly concerning his wife, were affecting his social life and resulted in him frequently arriving at work late.

I carried out the 113 York test food Intolerance test which confirmed that Darren had an intolerance to yeast.

I successfully treated IBS With Nutritional Therapy –

a). Removing the cause
i.e. excluding all food containing yeast from the diet but at the same time discussing what alternative yeast- free choices were available. He was also advised on his diet in general, with regard to eating and drinking as healthy as possible. This was to ensure that his diet was nutritionally balanced with a wide range of foods.

b). Improving overall health and lifestyle
This was achieved with basic nutritional supplementation, and also by taking specific supplements to improve gut function and aid healing of the lining. We also discussed any lifestyle changes that he could make, e.g. D was currently doing a part time evening job as well as working full time. This had meant meals being rushed and healthy choices not always being available. His unhealthy lifestyle was certainly contributing to him feeling stressed, tired and ‘run down’

c). Eating a healthy whole food diet
Nutritional therapy can help IBS by encouraging the client to avoid junk food, alcohol, caffeine, additives or preservatives

After starting the nutritional therapy treatment, initially his symptoms appeared to be worse which is normal and due to die-off of the yeast in the gut. He persevered religiously with the treatment and his yeast-free diet.

After a couple of months he was feeling great, looking healthy with lots of energy, had lost over 2 stones in weight without counting calories, and was rid of all the distressing IBS symptoms which had interfered with his whole life.

It is interesting that Darren did not associate his IBS symptoms with the food and drink that he was consuming regularly, or realise that a food intolerance can lead to weight gain, inflammation, pain and altered mood. He has found it easier than he initially thought to comply with my dietary advice. If he has the odd lapse in his eating habits nowadays, for which he may suffer next morning, he can very easily pinpoint the offending food .

In my nutritionist (nutritional therapy) practice I frequently see people who are desperate to lose weight and manage their weight and cannot do so, in spite of following a strict calorie controlled diet and healthy diet plan. This is because when we eat a food regularly to which our immune systems have an intolerance, the body tries to cope with this situation by holding on to fluid. This dilutes the offending food, and the excess fluid leads to weight gain.

What I say to clients is ‘Your healthy diet may not be so healthy for YOU, find the offending food and the weight will disappear!’ How many more people would not only lose weight but improve their overall quality of health and well being, if they realised that a simple blood test may be the answer to their problem.

On speaking to D recently, I was pleased to hear that he had given up his evening job and has no regrets.

By following advice from a qualified nutritional therapist (nutritionist) and implementing simple dietary and lifestyle changes you can see a dramatic effect in the way YOU feel. By following a nutritional plan You can achieve better health both now and in the future.

Article submitted by
Wendy Ayers – IIR MAR AMGNI ITEC Nutritional Therapy, Sheffield

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