Improve Energy And Well Being With Nutritional Therapy

Improving energy and well-being

There are numerous reasons why people seek the advice of a nutritional therapist, but it is not uncommon to see a patient who is specifically seeking help for low energy and a poor sense of well-being. They often cannot identify why they feel such fatigue but are keen to find answers because it is seriously impacting upon their lives. This problem is often labelled by G.P.’s as T.A.T.T. – ‘tired all the time’.

Possible causes of low energy

There can, of course, be many reasons for feeling tired all the time – some of which can be diagnosed by testing via your GP. These include anaemia, coeliac disease and hypothyroidism, all of which share the symptom of low energy. However, the medical profession believe that only 20 – 30% of TATT cases have a discernable physical problem.

How nutritional therapy can help low energy

There are many causes that doctors may not so readily identify. These include allergies, depression, anxiety, low blood sugar, M.E., candida and poor nutrition. An in depth consultation by a nutritional therapist, who will take a detailed case history, can often identify these reasons for low energy and provide effective treatment with changes in diet and lifestyle, correction of any nutritional deficiencies, support for the liver and/or adrenal glands, and a general reduction of the body’s toxic load.

ENERGY SAPPING FOODS include sugar, refined carbohydrates, coffee, wheat, and alcohol.

ENERGY BOOSTING FOODS include fruit and vegetables, wholegrains such as brown rice, nuts, seeds and oily fish. Keeping hydrated with water is also helpful.

A good nutritional therapist can specifically address your own individual causes of poor energy and devise a personalised prescription to improve vitality and well-being. And once you have your energy back, you will feel better able to enjoy life and cope with whatever it may throw at you.

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Vanessa May, Nutritional Therapist,
Ealing, West London

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