Detox for arthritis pain relief

Detoxification for arthritis

Arthritis is a debilitating disease that is affecting people of all ages. No longer is arthritic pain just seen in the elderly – arthritis patients are now commonly in their thirties. The alarming rise in early life arthritis is largely attributed to toxins from food, drink and the environment. Toxins and stresses can overburden the body’s own filtration system which can lead to problems such as arthritis. Employing a good detoxification diet can help you deal with the arthritis problem and keep your body functioning toxin-free.

Arthritis is the inflammation of joints that causes pain, stiffness and swelling. By recognising the symptoms of arthritis you can catch it early; neglecting them will cause you chronic problems that may be difficult to treat later on. Arthritis can start insignificantly – a stiff finger or poor mobility in the knees. An early signal of arthritis is the time to visit a detoxification practitioner so you can begin a good detox diet that will help your body flush out those arthritis causing toxins.

A detox diet can help with the early symptoms of arthritis

When devising a detox diet for arthritis, practitioners will first try to eliminate the primary toxin that leads to the arthritic pain from inflammation. Highly toxic uric acid leads to the inflammatory symptoms that are associated with arthritis. Ridding the body of uric acids requires cleansing of the bowel and liver. Detox practitioners advocate the use of certain herbs to cleanse the liver; these include dandelion, milk thistle, ginger, liquorice, barberry, cascara sagrada and cayenne. For keeping bowel movement smooth and regular, and therefore cleansed, you should consume organic flex seeds and herbs such as fennel, dill, cinnamon and anise.

For the body to function healthily, the correct mineral balance should be achieved. Mineral imbalance can be caused by too much caffeine, alcohol and sugar and is a big cause of arthritis. Obviously to correct mineral imbalance you should avoid coffee, tea, alcohol and sugary foods but a good detox diet should also contain plenty of foods that are rich in calcium and iron. Eat plenty of dark leafy green veg, seafood, nuts and whole-grain cereal and bread.

We’re all aware that fruit juices are good for you but detox practitioners recommend vegetable juice rather than fruit juice for arthritis. Fruit juice has a high sugar content that can raise blood sugar levels and cause an increase in insulin. Going on a vegetable juice fast (i.e. only vegetable juice, no foods) can do wonders to ease your inflammatory pain. Juice fasting should be carried out for 1-3 days and consist of a fresh carrot, beetroot juice and parsley juice combination. A successful juice fast will remove excess acids and improve bowel movements to help flush out toxins. Juice fasting should only be carried out under strict instruction from a trained detoxification practitioner.

Detoxification reduces the pain of arthritis

There are many more options for a successful detox diet for arthritic pain but all diets will require you to consume plenty of water. Water is the best way to clear toxin debris from the system. A successful detox program also provides anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins and nutrients to your body.

By undertaking a detox diet your digestive system and excretory system will be able to better eliminate the toxins that are released by the body during metabolism. It will also speed up the growth of new cells which will promote healing. You’ll also find your energy levels improve and your clarity of thought will be heightened. Consult with your local detoxification practitioner to see how a detox diet can help arthritis.

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