Curing premature ejaculation with alternative medicine

Premature ejaculation can be helped with alternative medicine methods

Following on from our health news story on 8th October 2008 about premature ejaculation, this article will hopefully go some way to showing how alternative medicine and complementary therapy can help prevent ejaculating prematurely and also other performance anxiety issues. With a lack of conventional treatment available for the condition, alternative health provides the most effective and beneficial methods to help overcome premature ejaculation.

Most men would like to have sexual intercourse last longer than perhaps they think it does or should. The first thing to bear in mind when discussing sexual performance is ‘how long is long enough’ in terms of having sex. Orgasms can be achieved by both partners at different times, sometimes within a few minutes and sometimes longer. There is no definitive timing of an orgasm. Some men may climax after 8 minutes while their partner reaches orgasm within 5 minutes. If both partners are satisfied by the amount of time it takes to climax then this shouldn’t be considered ‘premature’. However, some men may feel that if their partner takes longer to reach climax, be it 10, 20 or 30 minutes and they have reached orgasm before that time, they feel as if they’ve ejaculated prematurely.

The real problem for some men is when ejaculation takes place before intercourse has even begun or within moments of penetrating their partner. Premature ejaculation (PE) is defined by the majority of healthcare professionals as ejaculating before the wishes of both sexual partners.

Complementary therapies can help with PE

Premature ejaculation is the most common of the sexual dysfunction for men who under the age of 40. The condition is still not entirely understood but is generally considered to be psychological rather than physical. There are no known diseases of the reproductive system, brain or nervous system that are the cause, but current research has suggested genes may provide an answer.

As a psychological problem, men may have conditioned themselves to orgasm quickly when they were teenagers. Masturbation is one of our early sexual experiences and the fear, or embarrassment, of being caught doing it means reaching climax as quickly as possible. As a physical problem, premature ejaculation may be down to oversensitivity of the genitals and the inability to slow down nerve conduction which can delay the orgasm. What has become apparent in recent years is that the female orgasm generally takes longer as arousal time is greater than with men. This awareness is also perhaps increasing recognition of the fact that men ejaculate prematurely. Whatever the factors, alternative medicine and complementary therapy has a number of techniques and methods that may help men who want to overcome premature ejaculation and performance anxiety.

What therapies can help premature ejaculation?

If the condition does present itself as being ‘in the mind’ then therapies such as Counselling, Psychotherapy, CBT, NLP and Hypnosis may be of benefit. Imagery is a technique often used by therapists whereby imagining yourself in certain situations that require public performance can help with sexual dysfunction. Many counsellors and psychotherapists specialise in sexual therapy and can recommend techniques that partners carry out together to delay an orgasm.

Homeopathy and Herbal Medicine have a number of natural remedies that may be of benefit as a complementary therapy for premature ejaculation. Many sexual problems can become apparent due to tension or from lacking any emotional connection. Flower essence such as Hibiscus has known properties that can help relaxation and restoration of warmth to an intimate sexual relationship. Herbal creams are also available that desensitise the penis and can help delay climax. Ayurvedic medicine, a holistic healthcare system from India, has herbal formulas that help maintain a healthy balance between body and mind and may control the natural urge for premature ejaculation.

If you’re concerned that premature ejaculation is affecting your sex life, alternative medicine and complementary therapy may provide the methods that will overcome your problem.

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