Bowen therapy for asthma relief

Bowen therapy can help asthma sufferers

If you’re an asthma sufferer you probably don’t go anywhere without your inhaler. The inconvenience of remembering to carry your inhaler is insignificant given its effects on an asthma attack. However, complete reliance on such an item means you’re left wide-open should it be forgotten. Your asthma attack may be triggered by pet hair, hay fever or over-exerting yourself. For some, spending time outdoors during the winter can increase asthma attacks to the point that they become a daily occurrence. That trigger of cold air and environmental pollution can cause asthma sufferers to sit down and catch their breath while using their inhaler to get things under control. Not much fun when you’re going about your daily routine – work, rest or play.

Bowen therapy has for many people meant they can have less dependence on their inhaler. Bowen technique therapy is an alternative and complementary therapy that can help asthma sufferers ease their symptoms and get their condition under control. While not a cure for asthma, Bowen therapy has become a well-documented way for adults and children to get relief from their condition.

Bowen therapy for the relief of asthma

Bowen therapy is used for a variety of problems but typically treats conditions involving the muscles, bones and joints of the body. Back pain, neck pain and joint pain along with migraines, IBS and anxiety can all benefit from Bowen therapy. For asthma relief, many people have found they have less dependence on their inhalers after as few as four sessions with a Bowen therapy practitioner.

During a session, a Bowen therapist will find out what it is that triggers your asthma. They will discover from you how the asthma behaves when it is at its worst, and then after it is treated with medication. The Bowen therapist will then use some standard Bowen manipulation techniques before using treatments that are specifically designed for asthma. The methods that a Bowen therapist uses consist of a series of gentle rolling movements across the muscles. These movements trigger nerve impulses that send information to the brain and between each series of movements the body is given a chance to rest so the brain can absorb that information. This is Bowen therapy’s treatment key as it gives the body a chance to respond before the next movements take place.

Bowen therapy works on asthma by breaking the asthma trigger. Our body is capable of preventing asthma so the therapy helps that natural ability to find ways to stop the trigger that causes an asthma response. Bowen therapy methods stimulate the internal systems that help the body deal with conditions such as asthma.

Asthma improves after having Bowen therapy

Many asthma patients are experiencing significant improvement, and for some complete recovery, after as few as four Bowen therapy sessions. Ideally people should return for top-up sessions which will serve as a reminder to the body on how to stop the asthma trigger.

Bowen therapists are also able to instruct patients on an ’emergency move’ should an asthma attack occur. The move involves pushing the thumb into the stomach area and can break even the most serious of asthma attacks. Bowen therapy is gaining acceptance as a good way to help asthma sufferers with many GPs and physiotherapists finding it helps their patients. Consult with your doctor and local Bowen therapist to see how Bowen therapy can help you.

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