Can Pilates help you lose weight?

Pilates for weight loss

Using Pilates as an exercise program can certainly help you lose weight. Pilates is a fitness and exercise method that will support your weight loss regime – simply taking part in a Pilates class is usually enough to kick start losing weight. Pilates uses breathing techniques and physical exercises that restore balance in the body and can lead to a trimmer body shape. Pilates is an exercise method that is well known for creating lean, flexible and trim bodies.

The key to successful weight loss is to ensure that you burn more calories than you eat. Exercise of course burns calories so it makes sense to have proper activities that involve overall physical exertion. Your body type and level of activity will affect the number of calories you’ll burn. Pilates is effective in creating lean muscle mass so by shaping your body to have a high level of lean muscle mass you’ll be increasing your calorie-burning potential.

Pilates tones and shapes the body during weight loss

Pilates exercises stem from the torso so the body has a strong and stable core to work from to gain the right physical alignment of the body. Proper alignment of the head, neck and spine creates good posture which emphasises a leaner look. With its breathing techniques, Pilates encourages deep, rhythmical and efficient respiration which is vital when burning calories and increasing tissue regeneration. And let’s not forget the psychological benefits of Pilates. Successful weight loss must involve improving confidence, self-esteem and general well-being. Pilates is an exercise program that gets results and as you see the physical changes to your body so your mental state improves which encourages your weight loss ever further.

One of the major changes that Pilates has on the body is that it sculpts it and you’ll find that your clothes will begin to fit differently. Pilates tightens the waistline, improves muscle mass without the bulk and makes you feel tall and slim. As each Pilates exercise is a full-body workout, all of your muscles become toned. Coupled with good nutrition and a paired aerobic exercise program, the pounds will start to drop off.

Optimising your weight loss program with Pilates

Pilates is seen as anaerobic exercise which means it is used to build muscle mass using short but high intensity workouts. To really get the full benefit of Pilates within your weight loss regime consider some aerobic cross-training (aerobic exercise is moderate but over a longer period). Your Pilates instructor will give you guidance on other activities that work well with Pilates but swimming, walking, cycling and running are recommended. Whatever you choose, the ideal is to keep in mind all the aspects to achieving weight loss.

By deciding your weight loss goals and talking them through with your Pilates instructor you’ll be able to tailor a program that can help you achieve them. Also consider the other benefits that Pilates will bring to your physical health. Pilates will improve your posture, increase flexibility and mobility and also relieve musculo-skeletal problems such as back pain.

Pilates can give excellent results on your weight and appearance. Consider a Pilates class as part of your weight loss program along with other exercises and a correct diet. Taking a holistic approach to your health is the best way to achieve your desired weight.

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