Osteopathy helping back care for women

Back care for womenOsteopathy can help and advise women on back care

Due to their physical make-up, women have unique back care requirements. If you regularly go to the doctor or dentist for a health check-up, also consider a visit to an Osteopath to make sure your back is taken care of too. Back pain is the second most common cause of sick days and women are particularly susceptible to back problems. For instance, have you given much thought to how your bra affects your back? Osteopathy is ideally suited as a complementary therapy to give you advice on this essential clothing item.

Your bra plays an important role in your physical well-being as it affects your posture and spine. If you regularly suffer with pain in the shoulders, upper arms, chest and back then it could be that it’s your bra causing the problem. A bad fitting bra can cause your body serious harm which potentially can become disabling.

Osteopathy care can prevent back problems developing

Women tend to think their cup size is bigger than it actually is and their chest circumference is smaller. This mistake leads to poor size choice which in turn can cause back pain, restricted spinal movement, poor lung function and decreased lymph drainage (which can lead to breast cancer). Osteopaths see plenty of female patients with back and rib pain as a result of poor-fitting bras. Common complaints include pain in the middle of the back that is difficult to shift with stretching or massage and shoulders that are sore due to the weight of the breasts. These symptoms are as a result of the wrong cup and circumference size of the bra which fails to support the back and breasts.

Recent studies have proved that women with larger cup sizes and small circumference are at most risk of developing back problems. A shift in the centre of gravity away from the spine results in certain muscle groups having to work twice as hard to maintain balance. This causes constant muscle tension that can damage fibres. But the same message about bra size can be applied to smaller breasted women too. Half of women in a recent survey with a B-cup or below had incorrectly fitted bras and reported back pain problems and restricted spinal movement.

Large and smaller breasted women are also at risk of something called ‘bra-strap pressure’. This problem develops when the straps at the back of the bra are too tight and act as a pulley over the shoulder. This increases the amount of downward force on the shoulder blades (scapula). Throughout a woman’s life, breast size and mass will vary; these changes can be influenced by hormones, body fat, disease and the menstrual cycle. Therefore, a bra fitting should be done on a regular basis as should a check-up on the condition of the spine.

Visit an osteopath to help with back pain

If you wear a bra that is correctly fitted it will support your spine and the surrounding muscles, this will reduce the chances of muscle spasms that could be the main contributory factor to your restricted spinal movement.

If you’re already suffering with back pain, osteopathy has a variety of stretching, manipulation and massage techniques to correct and mobilise the spine. You’ll also learn exercises that will help strengthen and loosen muscles as well as getting advice on maintaining posture. Visiting an osteopath can keep your spine and back in a healthy condition.

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