Beating Obesity With Healthy Eating

Nutrition for weight lossHelping Obesity With Sensible Eating

Latest reports on the obesity problem claim that by the year 2050, 50% of women and 70% of men will be overweight. Some reports were even claiming that this is as much as a problem as global warming. With scare tactics like these it is no wonder that people comfort eat. Whether or not you agree with such reports about obesity you cannot ignore the fact that many people in western societies are becoming overweight and clinically obese. So what do we do when we want to lose weight? We go and diet? Oh no!

Managing obesity with sensible eating

Now I am not fond of any activity that has DIE in it for one good reason; Diets do not work! Well, they might work but for only 9% of people. That’s an incredible 91% of us that fail to lose weight by dieting! Just like the famous celebrities that promote the latest fads, we might lose some weight to start with and then put it all back on again, often becoming heavier than when we started. How many famous Yo-Yo dieters can you name?

Here is some food for thought. Did you know that the populations combined weight gain coincides with the meteoric rise in the diet industry? This is a multi-billion pound industry that at best only works for 9% of people! Think about it, if diets worked, and we have all tried them haven’t we, (often several times) there would be no news about obesity. So how can you lose weight naturally without dieting and then remain at your ideal weight for life?

Using sensible eating to beat obesity

Well there are many things that can be done to help obesity and manage weight including drinking a glass of water every time you feel hungry (many people often mistake the signs of dehydration for hunger) and identifying foods that are toxins to you (and hold onto your weight) but, for me, the most fun way of losing weight is to eat more. Yes, you read that correctly, eat more. Now before you go off eating everything in sight, read the next few lines and know that this is what I do when I want to lose some weight and remain fit. For other people eating more will only be beneficial when combined with some other techniques.

Let me explain what I mean. A few years ago when exploring China with Chinese friends (not known for obesity) one of the things that struck me was that we ate all the time. We must have sat down to eat at least 5 times each day and when we were not sitting to eat we would be travelling and eating. As a person who often claimed to be hungry throughout the day, I was amazed to find that I was never hungry for the entire time I was out there. Interestingly, when I returned home I also found that I had lost weight.

By eating all the time I was never hungry and eliminated any chance of binge eating. It also meant that I did not crave food and ate smaller portions. With a constant supply of fuel in my system my body also started to work better by speeding up my metabolism and giving me more energy whilst burning off the excess calories.

In comparison, what normally happens when people diet is that they limit the amount of food they eat and therefore get more and more hungry. Then, often craving food, when they do eat, they are so hungry that they shove food in so quickly that they do not notice when they are full and over eat. This can add up to weight gain and is a reason why many people who diet end up more over-weight than when they started.

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