Overcome Anxiety With NLP

Beat anxiety with NLPOvercome anxiety with NLP

Whether you suffer with severe anxiety (such as panic disorder) or anxiety about public speaking or performance, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) has various techniques to help you overcome your anxiety problem. NLP began in the United States during the 1970s and works to overcome problems like anxiety by targeting behaviour, words and attitudes that are having a negative effect on your life. NLP can alter negative beliefs about anxiety and create positive outcomes by using some simple techniques.

Anxiety is an uneasy apprehension about things that are uncertain in the future. Worry about a forthcoming speech, exam or flight abroad can cause anxiety because you know it is approaching and each day that passes will magnify that anxiety. How you think about an experience, and the attitude you have toward it, dictates how you feel about it. If it is negative, anxiety sets in. NLP can help to change those negative thoughts and release the anxiety.

Cure anxiety with NLP

A popular method used in NLP (neuro linguistic programming) is the ‘swish pattern’. This NLP technique involves re-associating a negative thought with a positive thought. When dealing with anxiety, an NLP practitioner will ask you to consider what triggers it. Common anxiety triggers represent an image of yourself in your mind that is negative. This negative anxiety self-image needs to be replaced with a positive self-image. NLP teaches you to choose a self-image that is exciting but realistic and then to make it as bold and colourful in your mind as possible. Many NLP practitioners will get you to associate a soundtrack to your new self-image or imagine it on a huge cinema screen. You’ll then visualise your new image doing the activity that is the cause of your anxiety against the old image of yourself. This strong representation of your new self-image doing the activity should grow until it completely obscures the old one. Any triggers that caused you to be anxious will fade with the negative self-image. By using this NLP technique each time your anxiety appears you’ll begin to overcome your problem.

Another useful NLP method for anxiety is a simple form of juggling. As anxiety exists in the right side of the brain this technique has been applied to make neurological changes to it. The NLP practitioner will get you to think about your anxiety and raise it to its highest level. You’ll then throw a ball from one hand to another across the line of the body so it hits each hand in a firm, slow rhythmical pattern. As this occurs, you’ll be thinking about your anxiety and it should begin to decrease in its intensity. When you stop throwing the ball, your anxiety level will have dropped to an even lower level. This is due to the way the mind is using both sides of the brain by doing something that is neurologically different while simultaneously thinking about the anxiety. This NLP method shapes the way you approach your anxiety and when carried out on a regular basis the highest level of anxiety becomes difficult to reach anymore.

Help anxiety with NLP

NLP (neuro linguistic programming) has various techniques like these to help with anxiety and many other life issues. The methods are easily applied at home or at work and children in particular have benefited from the treatment due to the fun nature of the techniques used. NLP can help anxiety and give you a new lease of life as well as giving you the confidence to achieve any other goals you may have.

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