Pain Relief With Alternative Health

Pain relief with alternative healthAlternative health helping pain relief

Whether you suffer with minor aches and pains or chronic pain from illness or disease the majority of people rely on chemically produced painkillers to get them through the day. Painkillers are among the best selling products on the shelves of supermarkets, petrol stations and chemists and marketing companies pour millions of pounds into advertising these potentially addictive products. We are all aware of their side-effects (drowsiness, constipation) but our consumer culture pays little attention to their habit forming dangers. Pharmaceutical products are the common choice for pain relief but alternative health pain relief methods and products are becoming a preferred option for many. Alternative health can provide pain relief without the side-effects of painkillers and offer a solution to pain that is not addictive.

There is a fear that painkillers such as codeine and dihydrocodeine and being abused so certain international governments are considering making popular codeine-containing products prescription-only. These products are currently available over-the-counter because they are combined with aspirin, paracetamol or ibuprofen. However, codeine itself is only available as a prescription drug. Many over-the-counter painkillers also contain caffeine and evidence suggests this may be causing thousands of people to suffer headaches. More and more people are now turning to alternative health methods and practices to help with their pain relief.

Alternative health helping chronic pain

For common aches and pains around the body there are a number of alternative health herbal products available. Peppermint has long been used for stomach problems but in tea, tinctures and oils it can also help with headaches. For migraines, arthritis and toothache ‘Feverfew’ can be used in tea or as a topical tincture. Feverfew is a small plant with citrus scented leaves and flowers similar to daisies. Alternative health herbs that help with muscle pain from spasms and cramps can be treated with ‘Cramp Bark’. Cramp Bark comes from the Highbush Cranberry and has proved particularly effective for menstrual cramps. It is typically taken in tea but can be found in capsules and extracts.

Alternative health can also offer solutions to people suffering chronic pain. Popular alternative health therapies for chronic pain include acupuncture, hypnotherapy and reflexology. Acupuncture is a centuries old alternative health discipline from the Far East that uses ultra fine needles inserted into the skin. The needles stimulate deep sensory nerves helping to release endorphins (our natural pain killing chemical) giving an anaesthetic effect that provides immediate pain relief and lasts for some time afterwards. Compared to acupuncture, modern hypnosis is a relatively new alternative health therapy but has proved to have effective results with pain. Hypnotherapy is an alternative health method to induce a natural hypnotic trance whereby the subconscious part of the brain becomes open to suggestion allowing you to modify the experience of pain.

Reflexology pinpoints the nerves that are linked to the specific area of pain and then uses hands-on techniques to improve circulation to that area helping with the relief of stress and pain. As an alternative health practice, reflexology has been used for relaxation and to promote good health for many centuries.

Pain management and pain relief with alternative health

These are just some of the alternative health methods and products that are available for pain relief. Using alternative health can help reduce the dependency on medications for pain relief without the nasty side-effects that come from taken them too often (constipation, mood swings etc). Visiting a trained alternative health practitioner can also teach you techniques that can help alleviate pain relief when at home and reduce the time spent on visiting a GP. Alternative health for pain management and pain relief allows you to take control of your pain in a positive way.

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