Curing A Fear Of Flying

Curing fear of flying with hypnosis

The holiday season is with us again – have you booked your holiday yet? Is your destination limited by the means of transport you are willing, or feel you are able, to take? If so, you may be consoled a little by knowing that you are by no means alone!

What are we talking about here? We’re talking about a fear of flying. Some of us will avoid the dreaded flights by staying close to home for our holidays, visiting places we can drive to. Some of us may fear flying so much that they cross the water to go to mainland Europe. Some of us may book a trip to some far-flung place (or our partners will cross their fingers and do it for us) and we, then, stoically refuse to think about the flight until we absolutely have to. The trouble with the head-buried-in-the-sand approach to a fear of flying is, you not only have to get to your destination, but you also have to face the return flight, and that can overshadow the holiday.

Hypnotherapy helping fear of flying

There are various ‘reasons’ why so many of us dread or fear flying. It could be a past experience which has been scary, such as turbulence, or it could be some other uncomfortable memory. Because it seems illogical to be gripped by this fear, often we try to suppress it and hope it will go away. Perhaps we hope we can control it, drown it in alcohol at the airport(not a great idea – it won’t leave you feeling good), or just tell ourselves we are being silly and that really everything is just fine. But is it?

The bottom line is that this sort of fear of flying is rarely sitting at a logical level.If it isn’t at a logical level, then the (logical) conscious mind is unable to reason it away.However hard we try, it just doesn’t go.Have you ever heard the saying ‘what you resist persists’? That is partly what is going on here. Resistance, you see, won’t do the trick, and the problem may grow into a mountain rather than stay a molehill. However, a change of attitude absolutely can do the trick.So how do we achieve that change of attitude?We enlist the help of the subconscious mind via hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Helping fear of flying with hypnotherapy

This is where a hypnotherapist comes in, helping the fear of the flying with hypnosis. The hypnotic state, which is rather like being in a restful daydream, allows the conscious mind to step aside and lets the subconscious mind come through. Thus a change of focus is allowed to happen. Old, unhelpful ideas can be dropped and new, more helpful ideas can now take their place.

So consider allowing hypnotherapy to change the way you feel, the way you think, the way you behave. To cure a fear of flying, it’s worth giving it a go isn’t it? And clearly, this approach applies to many other bothersome life situations too!

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Helen Gale, Hypno Psychotherapist
Taunton, Somerset

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