Why Choose Natural Health?

Natural healthMaking the choice of natural health and complementary therapy

If you are thinking about choosing natural health and complementary therapy for a healthier life or as a treatment of an injury or disease then you’re not alone. Illness linked to stress is on the up as we struggle to survive in a modern world that places great strain on our emotions, finances and diet. Increasingly, more and more people are finding that traditional medicine and drugs offer limited relief with nasty side-effects. In response to this disillusionment, people are seeking out natural alternative medicines and therapies that improve health, alleviate symptoms and give long-lasting effects. Natural health provides remedies, treatments and methods that are free from unwanted side-effects with results that can last much longer than conventional medicine.

Choosing natural health means the root cause of a problem will be tackled to help treat it or prevent it reoccurring. Natural health treats the body as a whole by taking into account a person’s lifestyle, environment and emotional state. Natural health provides a tailored treatment plan giving more compassionate support and time for evaluation than many of today’s conventional practices can offer. Making the choice of natural health and using complementary therapies and remedies for treatment or prevention means your body will be at its optimum level of physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Natural health and complementary therapy methods

Complementary health practitioners working in nutrition, homeopathy and naturopathy use a variety of dietary changes, supplements, remedies and tinctures as natural alternatives to conventional drugs and methods. While natural health works with you to provide the basic tools and information you’ll need for taking responsibility for your own health, a trained nutrionist, homeopath or naturopath can help you identify what your body is lacking. Testing can be done through sweat or hair analysis and enable the practitioner to prescribe the exact dosage to treat or prevent any chronic problems.

Physical health can be aided through natural hands-on methods and mobilisation techniques. Massage and therapeutic touch can aid circulation, boost energy levels, promote healing, flush out toxins and aid relaxation. Natural health therapies such as reiki and shiatsu restore energy balance in the body by stimulating natural healing responses. Reiki practitioners channel energy and transmit it through their hands to de-stress the mind and body, stimulate hormone release and aid digestion. Other natural health methods such as Alexander Technique can reduce physical and mental tension by making gentle adjustments to posture, breathing and coordination. These methods can then be applied to everyday activities that help balance neuromuscular function and improve mental and physical well-being.

Mental and emotional health can be improved naturally using complementary therapies such as hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming and counselling. Hypnotherapists use a natural state of mind to help understand a person’s behaviour, thoughts and beliefs. Complementary therapists understand that previous experiences affect a person’s actions and lifestyle so they can help alter any negative aspects to create new positive outcomes.

Improving health the natural way

There are a variety of alternative and complementary therapies available to suit the individual and their particular condition or expectation. Natural health is a booming industry and for good reason. The benefits, availability and effectiveness of natural health and complementary therapy over conventional treatment have seen it helping millions of people worldwide to improve their health and wellness of the mind, body and spirit.

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