What To Expect When Visiting A Hypnotherapist

Visiting a hypnotherapist for the first time

What happens when you visit a hypnotherapist? What’s hypnotherapy like? These are common questions people ask when thinking about hypnotherapy as a treatment. There is lots of misinformation about hypnotherapy so this article will hopefully go some way to explaining the truth.

The image of a hypnotist on stage making members of an audience do silly things is one we are all familiar with. Stage hypnosis is a form of entertainment and a world away from hypnotherapy. A stage hypnotist relies on a hysterical audience and people that are specifically chosen for their suggestibility and desire to be on stage pleasing others. Contrary to popular belief, a hypnotherapist will not try and make you do anything you do not want to. There’s no need to worry about being made to hop around the room like a rabbit or feel anxious that something improper might occur while under hypnosis. Hypnosis treatment in a controlled session simply doesn’t work like that.

Hypnotherapy by a trained hypnotherapist will have no detrimental effects to your mental or physical well-being during or after the session. For hypnotherapy to work you must be compliant and also committed to overcoming your particular issue.

Hypnosis for hypnotherapy is a natural state of mind

The popular misconception about hypnosis is that you are asleep or unconscious. This isn’t true and if you were hypnotherapy just wouldn’t work. Being in a hypnotic state you will find that you are awake and completely aware of your surroundings. We enter into this altered state of consciousness every day without knowing or thinking about it. It is a natural state we enter for example when absorbed in a book or staring out of a window. Our mind may have drifted away, becoming unaware of everything around us, but we are still attached to our environment and able to react to it if necessary.

Once you have found a trained hypnotherapist, and before the hypnotherapist considers you for hypnosis treatment, they will first see you for an initial consultation. This session will give you the opportunity to meet the hypnotherapist and discuss your issue. You will be asked for a personal history and full description of the problem you hope to overcome. The hypnotherapist will also discuss other aspects of your life to fully gain an understanding of the issue and begin building a relationship with you based on trust and empathy. The session will be completely confidential and you will not be judged in any way. When both you and the hypnotherapist are happy that hypnotherapy can help then you will begin hypnosis treatment.

What does hypnotherapy feel like?

Your hypnotherapy session will take place in a quiet and relaxing environment. The hypnotherapist will begin by using relaxation techniques such as muscular tense and release exercises. Once the body is physically and mentally free of tension, the hypnotherapist will use visualisation to send you into a deeper hypnotic state.

Visualisation involves the hypnotherapist suggesting imagery such as getting into a lift as it descends. Progressively, the lift goes down to each floor sending you into a deeper level of relaxation. Once the hypnotherapist has taken you to the required level, your subconscious mind can be explored and it becomes receptive to suggestion. If there is an emotional problem you hope to overcome the root cause can be found and viewed in a non-threatening manner. If you want to give up smoking, the thought of a cigarette can be changed so it’s no longer desired. Under hypnosis, sufferers of chronic pain can learn to turn their pain down like a volume control on a radio.

Once the treatment has ended, the hypnotherapist will slowly bring you out of your hypnotic state and return you to normal consciousness. They will then discuss the experience with you and teach you self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques for use at home. Hypnotherapy is a safe, effective and relaxing treatment for a variety of conditions. Book an appointment with your local hypnotherapist today.

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