What Is Hypnotherapy And Why Is It So Effective

Hypnotherapy overviewAn overview of hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is an amazing complementary therapy that can be used effectively and in conjunction with or without medical treatments. Hypnosis is a technique that assists you to produce a change in your state of mind. We all produce changes in our minds on a daily basis, although we may not refer to them as ‘Hypnosis’. We all wind down to go to sleep, zone out when reading or have time in the day when we simply day dream.

A hypnotherapist assists you into a much deeper state of relaxation in order to deal with issues, re-programme unwanted habits or change un-resourceful states that you may not be able to solve in your alert, logical thinking, and analytical conscious mind. The language we use and the thoughts we have, have a major impact on our emotions, physiology and in turn our overall well being. Being able to work through these thoughts and emotions with a qualified therapist can help to vastly improve the way we view the world and how we feel about ourselves.

Using Hypnotherapy is doubly useful as it also offers you the ability to be able to be in a relaxed frame of mind and allows you to tap into your subconscious mind which is where all your memories and experiences are stored, just like your very own warehouse of personalised information. For years we play programmes that we believe to be true due to something we have seen, heard or felt. Childhood is a very influential time to pick up un-resourceful habits, behaviours and beliefs. We continue using these into our adult lives storing and believing other things along the way, which can often compound underlying issues.

In our brain is a system called the Limbic system, it is the control centre of producing pain and pleasure. During hypnosis it produces a change by inhibiting pain and stimulating the pleasure zone, further more it blocks off the receptors to the brain and enhances the production of endorphins (feel good hormone). Hypnotherapy is used throughout the world to carry out surgical procedures. Just recently TV documentaries have demonstrated the beauty of using hypnotherapy for a knee replacement and the extraction of teeth, without any analgesia and side effects for the patients. This is why is it is a brilliant tool to use for the management of pain.

Pain management and positive birthing with hypnosis

Pain Management And Hypnosis
From my own experience, I know that hypnotherapy has been one of the most profound effects on a medical condition that I have that has caused my excruciating pain levels and for years overtook my life as it was something I constantly thought about, incapacitated me and caused several bouts of depression due seriously low levels of fatigue. A few operations on I still experienced pain although not to the levels I had, but it was not until I experienced a Hypnotherapy session during my training 2 years ago that the pain really diminished. I could not believe how if felt when I kept expecting it to be there and it has just gone. This is why I am so passionate about it.

Positive Birthing With Hypnotherapy
There are so many horror stories about giving birth and this need not be the case. The female body is beautifully designed to bring new life into the world in a very natural way. Dr Zohrabian PHD & DR Payennovska PHD (2007) Medical Hypnotherapy specialists agree that using positive birthing methods can assist in shortening labour, reduce the use of pain medication (chemo-analgesia), minimise undesirable post operative effects for mother & foetus, lead to a reduction in fear, tension and pain before and during labour. It can help minimise maternal exhaustion, promotes speedier recovery after delivery and can reduce the incidence of instrumental surgery deliveries. Positive birthing benefits the expectant mother, expectant father and of course your beautiful baby or babies as Mandy and Jim report.

‘My husband and I saw a hypnotherapist for a course of Positive birthing sessions, in preparation for the arrival of our now vibrant twin girls. Although I did not go through natural childbirth, I was amazed at just how calm I felt, I used the tools I had leant to take myself to my positive happy place and managed to stay relaxed during the insertion of the epidural (something I never thought I would be able to do, as I had previously been afraid of needles). My husband, due to a very traumatic past experience was petrified of hospitals and would almost pass out. It was a even more pleasurable having him with me totally in control and calm as this had been something that had worried me about the day.’

Hypotherapy working with weight loss and children

Weight Loss With Hypnotherapy Colchester
Jenny tells how her future is so much brighter after using hypnotherapy for weight management. ‘I have been unhappy for a long time; I got to a point where I could not carry on anymore with how awful I felt. I heard that hypnotherapy could help so I thought I would give it a try. The hypnotherapist explained that in general weight issues are about our emotions and people overweight don’t hide their emotions so well on the inside they carry them on the outside. I had never thought calling myself fat would mean I owned my fat, changing my words to ‘the fat’ meant it was no longer mine. I also learnt that changing the word loss had less impact as loss is often something we are grieving over, so now I just ‘shed weight’. Everyone keeps commenting on the weight I have shed, they are even asking what is wrong with me as I am so positive, saying how much I have changed, I am so much happier, have more energy, and exercising every day. I used to eat several packets of crisps a day and munch my way through a stack of biscuits. I have not eaten any crisps, chocolate, biscuits or cakes now for weeks.’

Hypnotherapy And Children
Working with children, is more about storytelling and using their creative minds, so they can provide their own solutions to issues such as confidence, improving school work, fear of dentists etc. Parents are encouraged to be part of the session, so both child and parent feel completely at ease with the treatment. Sessions are designed to be fun, welcoming and enlightening. Jordan’s mum tells about her daughter, aged 10, got back on her horse (Penny). ‘Grace has been riding since the age of three and has always been a really confident fabulous little rider. A few weeks ago her horse reared up and ever since then she just froze but only on Penny, she was nervous, it was awful to see. I sat in on the 1st of 2 sessions with the hypnotherapist and I could not believe what I was hearing. All Grace kept saying is how afraid she was and how frightened she is of Penny. She walked out the door saying how confident she felt and was smiling. That night she rode Penny, looking even more confident

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