Natural Therapy For Better Communication And Health

Natural therapy can help physical and mental problems

Popular treatments for issues with physical, psychological and mental health typically involve ‘talking’ therapies such as psychotherapy and counselling or ‘physical’ therapies such as physiotherapy. Many people suffering injury or chronic health disorders are also likely to be prescribed medications to help with their condition.

However, there has been an increased interest in alternative natural therapies to help with health and three involve freedom of expression. Art therapy, dance therapy and music therapy are becoming popular and effective ways to help treat physical and mental conditions in a natural expressive environment.

Art therapy and natural therapy giving freedom of expression

Art therapy uses many of the psychotherapy techniques of Sigmund Freud and one of its pioneers was American psychotherapist and teacher Margaret Naumburg. Her school in New York allowed children to use art as a way of expressing subconscious thoughts and feelings. Naumburg used art as symbolic imagery and used psychoanalysis to identify the children’s problems. As a natural therapy, art therapy theorises that creativity and healing come from the same place and is able to them trigger both. Through sculpture, drawing and painting that utilises a variety of artistic materials, art therapy provides a natural way of displaying repressed feelings and conflicts through analysis of the image and the process involved with creating it. Natural therapy through art can provide a communication medium that helps with emotional conflict, stress, behaviour and helps to build better personal relationships.

Another effective natural therapy for restoring and maintaining mental health is dance therapy. Dance therapy, or dance movement therapy, was founded by Marion Chace during the 1940s. Chace noticed that her dance students were more interested in expressing themselves through natural movement rather than learning technique. Applying dance movement therapy to psychiatric patients, Chace was able to lift their mood better than with exercise and research into the therapy has since shown that it can also help with anxiety disorders. As a natural therapy, many people find they can express their emotions better through dancing than through conscious verbal communication.

A natural therapy that offers another form of self-expression away from traditional verbal communication is music therapy. Response to music is a natural quality humans are born with even when handicapped, injured or ill. Music therapy does not require the patient to play a musical instrument but encourages use of percussion, ethnic instruments and vocalising to explore sound and create a unique language based around music. People who find it difficult to talk, or are unable to talk, can convey their feelings through music. Music therapy has proved to be effective among children and adults with a variety of problems including disabilities, physical, psychological and emotional disorders and sensory impairment. Music therapy has also proved an effective way of coping with bereavement and terminal illness.

Natural therapy provides the best environment for communication

All three of these natural therapies provide a great environment for social communication and activity. Even for people who find it difficult to talk, natural therapy that uses art, dance and music can in fact provide a ‘talking point’ during the creative process.

Creative natural therapy can take place in a group session or on a one-to-one basis. Many people who have social disorders find their condition improves after individual sessions to the point where they can join in and actively enjoy a group environment. Children in particular have responded well to natural therapies that involve creative input.

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