Managing The Menopause With Hypnotherapy And Hypnosis

Managing the menopause with Hypnosis

The menopause occurs when women finish menstruation and is caused by natural ovarian failure and oestrogen deficiency. The average age that the menopause happens to women in the UK is 52 but typically can begin after the age of 45. Ovulation (egg production) ends during the menopause due to the oestrogen hormone levels falling. During the menopause, women suffer physical and emotional symptoms as a result of this change in hormone levels. Menopausal symptoms can include hot flushes and night sweats, urinary infections, vaginal discomfort, weight gain, mood swings and sleep disturbance.

Only 10% of women require the common medical treatment for the menopause known as hormone replacement therapy (HRT). However, more and more menopausal women are looking to complementary therapies such as hypnotherapy to help alleviate the symptoms. In cases of severe oestrogen loss, where the long term consequences can result in osteoporosis, hypnotherapy can also work alongside conventional HRT treatment. Hypnosis has proved to be beneficial to menopausal women as there is a fundamental link between mind and body in relation to dealing with the menopause.

Hypnotherapy treats the whole person helping the menopause

Hypnotherapy works on a conscious and subconscious level to alleviate the symptoms of menopause. Hypnotherapy aims to treat the health of menopausal women by inducing a hypnotic state. Once in this state of deep relaxation, the hypnotherapist and client can learn to understand and improve symptoms and help manage their coping mechanism. Being able to cope with the menopause is a state of mind and negative thoughts and emotions can affect that ability. Hypnotherapy helps to support the woman’s attitude toward this difficult part of their life.

Hypnosis can prove effective with hot flushes by reducing their intensity and frequency. By using positive suggestion while under hypnosis, the hypnotherapist works with the client to alter their perception of the menopause too. Creating positive imagery and outcomes, the subconscious can begin to identify the menopause as a change that is necessary for a new and better lifestyle. Post-menopausal women often describe having a new lease of life as they no longer have to be concerned about PMT or the worry of falling pregnant.

Hypnosis works to alleviate the symptoms of menopause

During a hypnotherapy session, the hypnotherapist will discuss the problems you are having with the menopause by providing a confidential and sympathetic environment for you to talk in. Once you are relaxed and comfortable, the hypnotherapist will begin to induce a hypnotic state. You will be awake during this process and aware of your surroundings, however your subconscious mind will become open and both you and the hypnotherapist can begin to explore and identify any problems. Your attention will become more focused and less critical about your condition. With the subconscious receptive to positive suggestion and imagery, you’ll begin to manage specific symptoms, emotions and behaviour linked to the menopause.

Once the session has finished, the hypnotherapist will teach you self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques that can be applied at home to allow you to manage your symptoms. If you are enduring the menopause, consider booking an appointment with your local hypnotherapist for a happier, healthier state of mind and body.

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