Managing Stress With Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy helps stress relief

Stress causes emotional, psychological and physical effects from excessive mental pressure. When personal and professional demands exceed our ability to cope with them, we become over stressed. Pride can get in the way of admitting that we are suffering with stress at work or stress at home. Many people believe that simply saying they are stressed implies weakness. Stress affects everyone and by recognising the signs and symptoms of stress we can find ways of dealing with it.

Leaving the symptoms for too long can lead to stress becoming established and causing serious mental and physical medical problems. Hypnotherapy is a recognised and effective way to help stress relief. Hypnosis techniques can manage the effects of stress teaching ways for coping with it.

Understanding stress and how a hypnotherapist can help

Stress comes from sources that can be external, such as our environment and people within it, or internal, from our thoughts and emotions. Adjusting to a change in our life causes stress. Worries about money, job security and workload, health, doing well at school, relationships or bereavement can increase stress levels. And not all stress derives from negative sources – marriage, moving house, promotion and going to university are all positive things that can cause us to be stressed.

When we are stressed, or perceive ourselves to be stressed, our body releases powerful chemicals called hormones. These hormones enter the bloodstream increasing heart-rate, tensing muscles and making us more alert. This is an essential reaction that is designed to help ready our bodies for danger and give us energy to fight or take flight. When stress isn’t released, it continues to build to a point where it becomes detrimental to health. However, emotional stress rarely gives the opportunity to fight it or run away from it and we are trapped.

Emotional stress may also be related to past events. If this is the case, it can be hidden in our subconscious. A hypnotherapist can help you with the subconscious by accessing it under hypnosis; they can also teach self hypnosis techniques for stress management so we are able to cope with day-to-day stressful situations.

Hypnosis techniques for stress management

Hypnotherapy places you into a hypnotic state that focuses attention and opens your subconscious mind to suggestion. Helpful suggestion from the hypnotherapist gives you the opportunity to understand where your stress comes from and teaches exercises on how to cope with stressful situations. By viewing your environment and problems in a new light, existing anxiety can be resolved.

Once stress levels are controlled, physical symptoms are also relieved. Many people find that hypnotherapy for stress relief lowers their blood pressure, boosts their immune systems and gives a much needed energy lift. Managing stress with hypnotherapy increases focus and the ability to adapt and change to new situations. It can also increase tolerance and a sense of belonging.

Hypnotherapy triggers the relaxation process that releases muscle tension and unwinds the mind. Self-hypnosis requires practice and focus to master the techniques but under the guidance of a trained hypnotherapist can become a versatile tool for coping with stress. Learning to relax and control your emotions and thought processes is the key to making sure that stress doesn’t become the controlling factor in your life.

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