Managing Exam Nerves Exam Stress With Hypnotherapy

Using hypnosis and hypnotherapy to manage exam nerves

Whether you’re about to do GCSEs, A-Levels or take a driving test, exam nerves are inevitable. Being nervous before an exam is a perfectly normal and natural state to be in. Exam nerves are a sign that you want to do well and can serve to channel positive energy helping you to perform to the best of your ability. Exam nerves are usually a short-lived reaction to pressure and pass once the exam is underway. However, occasionally exam nerves can have a detrimental effect both to performance and our physical and mental well-being. Hypnotherapy can help you deal with your examination nerves.

Exam nerves can cause your heart rate to increase, make palms sweaty, affect appetite or stop you getting a good night’s sleep. At their worst, exam nerves can trigger panic attacks as the stress overwhelms you. Feelings of anxiety, fear and low self-esteem threaten to destroy confidence and cause you to perform badly in the exam. If too severe, exam nerves can prevent you even attending the exam at all. If symptoms are reaching this stage, it’s time to think about getting some help. Hypnosis has the methods and techniques to calm nerves and increase concentration before that all important exam.

Visiting a hypnotherapist can help calm exam stress and exam nerves

The anxiety felt before an examination can make you feel out of control. When not in control you’re likely to be tense and unable to relax. Before a big event like an exam, the body releases a hormone called adrenaline. Adrenaline prepares your body and mind by tensing muscles, heightening senses and getting you ready for action. This process is sometimes referred to as ‘fight or flight’ i.e. you will either stand firm and tackle the problem or simply run away from it. Adrenaline can be beneficial but prolonged stimulation by the hormone affects physical and mental health. You need to learn ways to relax and control this process and hypnotherapy can help you do that.

A hypnotherapist can help with relaxation and prevent you panicking about the forthcoming exam. Learning how to relax will help during the revision period before an exam. Preparation for the subject, and focussing on the practical aspects of the exam, are key to stress management. Creating a revision plan that allows time for relaxation focuses concentration. Familiarising yourself with the location of the exam, and the time it will take to get to the exam, removes the element of the unknown. Often fears and phobias are caused by lack of knowledge about where you are going and how to get there. Hypnosis techniques also include positive imagery. Imagining a picture of you arriving for the exam in a confident frame of mind, followed by a positive outcome to the exam itself, can act as a rehearsal and remove negative thoughts and emotions.

Manage exam stress an exam nerves with hypnosis

Hypnotherapy can help prepare you for exam day by accessing the part of the brain where thoughts, emotions and behaviour reside – the subconscious. When in a hypnotic state, the hypnotherapist can use positive suggestion and visualisation to give you confidence in facing the difficult exam and ultimately succeeding at it.

Approaching the exam in a relaxed manner and full of confidence ensures you are in the best possible shape to perform at your best and hopefully pass with flying colours.

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