Improved Sports Performance With Hypnotherapy

Boost sports performance with a hypnotherapist

More and more sports men and women are finding that sports training, sports performance and recovery from sports injuries can be improved through hypnosis. Success on the field for the sports professional and amateur is a fine line. Although an effective training and nutritional dietary program are essential components to getting a winning result, hypnotherapy may give the sports man and woman a mental edge that tips the balance in their favour.

Decreased energy levels, both physical and mental, can be the difference between success and failure. A lack of concentration can let your competitor in or cause a mistimed tackle or bodily posture that inflicts injury on you or another. Hypnotherapy can help keep energy at an optimum level allowing you to focus on your sport and hopefully get you winning at it.

Using hypnosis to help sports performance

A good sports diet before an event ensures the right calorie intake. The right balance of proteins and carbs in food and drink will boost and maintain energy levels. Many athletes who want to achieve maximum mental energy for performance are turning to a combination of sleep, rest and hypnosis. Hypnotherapy used pre-event can help an athlete filter out external distractions that hinder concentration. Sports hypnosis also focuses the mind on keeping soft tissue (muscles and ligaments) injury free. The way this is achieved is through suggestion to the subconscious part of the brain.

Once in a hypnotic state of deep relaxation, the beneficial suggestive process of hypnotherapy can alter previous negative thoughts and behaviour. Negative energy limits performance and resides in the part of the brain called the subconscious. By accessing this area, sports hypnosis removes anxieties, frees up muscle tension and boosts confidence. Positive energy then flows throughout the body and mind. Recurring injuries or bad form can be caused by previous bad habits that if left unchecked will continue to affect future performances. These habits can be difficult to break by using the conscious part the mind alone as they are deep within the subconscious. Exploring this area with hypnotherapy can change the mental picture.

Focussing on what you want to do, how to do it right and the feeling associated with getting it right pushes out the bad experiences and techniques. The body can then react in the way you want it to. Hypnotherapy can also be used within a team atmosphere. Hypnosis can improve team efficiency by making individuals aware of themselves and the team around them and push out bad team performances or tactical errors. Teamwork and the team feel-good factor are essential to working together for the right result on the field.

Helping sports psychology and sports performance through hypnotherapy

Pre and post sports hypnosis has proved to make many athletes more focussed, productive and invigorated while preparing for the competitive season and during it. The beneficial feelings from a hypnotherapy session are long lasting but require practice of the self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques. Follow-up visits to a trained hypnotherapist can ensure the sports man and woman are in the best mental condition for competition before and throughout the season.

Many of the past and current sporting world champions have used and continue to use hypnotherapy as part of their regime for success. Hypnotherapy may help you to remain focussed and on top of your game too.

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