Fear Of Public Speaking Helped By Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy Helping The Fear Of Public Speaking

Stepping up to the stage and speaking to an audience, no matter how big or small, can be terrifying. Even the most confident of people will spend sleepless nights beforehand worrying about tripping up or stumbling over their words. The physical symptoms we suffer when public speaking are familiar – your mouth goes dry, your knees shake and your hands sweat. For many people, the mere thought of talking to a group makes them nauseous and it’s not uncommon to be physically sick before your big moment.
Hypnotherapy encourages self-confidence and gives you some simple relaxation techniques to help get you in the right state of mind to deliver your speech or presentation. You may even uncover the real reason for your inability to talk to a crowd.

Public Speaking Anxiety And Stage Fright Helped By A Hypnotherapist

To know how hypnosis can help, we first need to understand where our fear of giving a public speech or performance comes from. We all at some point in our life are asked to get up before a group of people and talk. Our first experience of this usually happens at school in front of our classmates. The pressure of standing up and answering a question from the teacher places a great strain on our nerves and if ridiculed at such an early stage can stay with us throughout our life. This is a common root of the public speaking problem for most of the population and unsurprisingly affects our ability to ever properly speak in public again.

Stage fright can literally stun people into silence and cause a loss of physical mobility. A phobia of performing can develop out of accumulated bad experiences or ridicule from a parent when at a young age. Believing that whatever you say is deemed wrong has a powerful emotional influence on your ability to speak freely and perform well. Once ingrained, we begin to justify our fear and offer excuses that we are unable to change it. The phobia is now locked and the conscious part of our mind, where rational decision takes place, is unable to shift it.

How Hypnotherapy Helps The Fear And Anxiety Of Public Speaking

We are used to hearing that doing something over and over again builds confidence. This isn’t necessarily the case when it comes to public speaking. If you have difficulty speaking in front of an audience then repeating the experience doesn’t diminish the fear or help you overcome it. Hypnotherapy traces public speaking anxiety to the part of the mind where it is locked in and difficult to overcome – the subconscious.

Where we have previously been unable to shift the phobia from our conscious mind (where our objections reside), the hypnotherapist targets the subconscious where the true problem is. By placing you into a hypnotic state, you become receptive to helpful suggestion that will encourage confidence when performing. This self-confidence is often all that is required to conquer the public speaking fear.

Should the cause of the phobia be a particular person or event, hypnotherapy can identify it and cut the emotional tie that is holding you back. Confronting your demons when under hypnosis is completely non-threatening. Once exposed in this manner, your subconscious mind will understand it and then allow the conscious mind to form rational and positive thoughts.

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