Fear of flying and Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can help with overcoming the fear of flying

The fear of flying, or even just the thought of stepping onto a plane, is a common problem and if you suffer with this then you are not alone. An estimated one in ten people fear flying in an age where air travel is becoming the popular mode of transport. A hypnotherapist has the techniques to overcome your fear and get you back on the plane. No longer will the flight ruin your holiday or trip. Who knows, with hypnotherapy you may even learn to enjoy it!

Why do we fear flying? Since the age of the airplane, it has continually proved to be the safest form of transport; safer than crossing a busy street and 25 times safer than driving our car. Despite these staggering statistics and all the knowledge we have about air travel, many of us are petrified of flying because the fear isn’t about risk. So what is it that causes the fear and what can hypnotherapy do to help us get over it?

Hypnotherapy for fear of flight

Hypnotherapists know that the fear many people have with flight is in fact anxiety or a series of anxieties. The fear comes from imagining what is going to happen rather than what is happening. Should the plane be about to make an emergency landing because of smoke billowing from the engines then we are right to be afraid. However, if the plane is functioning as it should then the fear comes from thinking something will go wrong. Hypnotherapy believes that logical fear can be beneficial as we all need a personal warning system. However, if we can control this then we can carry on with our lives confident that it will work only when we really need it.

Hypnotherapy understands that flying anxiety also isn’t just about the flight itself. The anxiety can begin in the airport with crowds of people triggering a sense of claustrophobia. This is exaggerated when boarding the plane as we enter an enclosed space where the air is hot and stale. Once in the plane, we are no longer in control as we wait for take off. The noises the plane makes in preparation for flight are unfamiliar and the motion is unnatural. Once the flight begins, there’s the extreme height and threat of turbulence and the worry that the pilot’s judgement and the plane’s mechanical function is the only thing keeping us safe. And recently, we have the global threat of terrorism to trigger our anxieties.

Hypnosis treatment for flight anxiety

The danger signals our brain gives out when we’re about to fly reside in the subconscious part of the mind. The subconscious is where good and bad memories are stored and where habits and behaviour are formed from previous thoughts and experiences. Hypnosis treats this part of the mind so we can learn new thoughts and patterns of behaviour. The first step in hypnotherapy treatment for the fear of flying is to learn relaxation and breathing techniques to help calm the mind. The hypnotherapist will then induce you into a trance-like state. Hypnotherapy uses beneficial suggestion to help you control your subconscious and allow you to alter behaviour and feelings that have previously been detrimental to your flying experience. The process will help to remove anxiety, free up tension and boost your confidence.

Hypnotherapy won’t provide an immediate cure but once it has identified your problems you can learn coping strategies and techniques to slowly control them. Soon you’ll be flying without the fear.

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