Family Counselling What To Expect

Family counsellingHow can family counselling help

Family counselling helps family members find constructive ways to help each other. It focuses on people’s families and other relationships, sharing and respecting individuals’ different perspectives, beliefs, views and stories and exploring possible ways forward to help nurture family dynamics.

Family counselling can bring about change within individuals but also in their relationships with the family and beyond, so children, young people, adults and/or those important to them are supported.

What can family counselling help with?

Whilst every mother and father will agree that they want what is best for their children, each parent will have a personal interpretation of what that actually means. When parent’s views do differ, arguments and conflict may follow. It is important to realise that this is by no means unusual. These differing views can often divide a family and may be exacerbated by the behaviour of the siblings involved. This is where family counselling can provide a platform for open discussion and agreement of ways forward.

Often, our parenting styles have been absorbed from our own upbringing and we are likely to strongly believe our approach is the right one. Many believe that differing parental styles provide a healthy balance. When all is going well with our child’s development we are happy to appreciate the differences we bring to parenting but when problems arise it is not so easy to remain open minded to these perspectives.

Family counselling is non-judgemental, family centred and solution focused. A family counsellor will help you to listen and understand all sides and perspectives within the family unit and guide you towards the best and healthiest solutions for the family as a whole. By undertaking family counselling you may well become better equipped in communication, active listening, assertiveness and problem solving and conflict resolution.

If any of the following issues are resonating with you, it is likely that short term family counselling could help:

• Communication problems and constant arguments
• Child behavioural problems within school
• Step parenting issues or second marriage family divides
• Family violence or abuse
• Family bereavement
• Infidelity
• School bullying or trauma

A family counsellor can work on an individual couple or family basis

Counsellors who work with families will be specifically trained in supporting all parties towards resolution and will be only too happy to talk you though their training, expertise and experience prior to your initial consultation. A family counsellor can provide individual, couple and family assessment and diagnosis.

Next time you do feel the temperature rising though, allow yourselves, some time out. Give yourselves the opportunity to talk things through. Remember that your differing views can often be complimentary and provide alternative perspectives. Try to prevent emotions getting in the way of the overall solution.

And finally, easy to say, not always easy to do – listen to each other. Work at hearing and understanding your family’s perspective and give it as much consideration as your own. Remember that you all want the best for your family.

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