Curing Panic Attacks With Hypnotherapy

Effective treatment for panic attacks and anxiety attacks with hypnotherapy

Panic attacks (anxiety attacks), or being in an intense state of anxiety, can be extremely frightening especially when there doesn’t appear to be any obvious reason. The impact from that brief moment of terror can cause dizziness and hyperventilation. Dealing with panic attacks isn’t easy and finding a way to stop panic attacks is even harder. Many people suffering with anxiety attacks or panic attacks are turning to hypnotherapy & hypnosis for help.

A panic attack can happen without any indication and for little or no reason. Understanding what a panic attack (anxiety attack)  is, and the underlying causes, are the first steps to overcoming it. Conventional treatments and breathing techniques can’t always find the cause of the anxiety as it lies deep within the subconscious part of the brain. A hypnotherapist via hypnosis can unlock the subconscious and help you understand where your panic attacks are coming from and teach you techniques to beat them.

Helping anxiety attacks and panic attacks with hypnosis

An anxiety attack (panic attack) is an exaggerated response to stress, fear or excitement. The body has a way to cope with stressful or dangerous situations by releasing a hormone called adrenaline. The body releases enough adrenaline to trigger a number of physical reactions – muscles begin to tense, breathing becomes more rapid to increase oxygen supply and boost energy, the heart pumps more blood to areas of the body that most need it and senses are heightened. This reaction prepares you to ‘fight or flight’, a natural throw-back to our ancestors who were faced with life-threatening danger. In today’s terms, the ‘fight or flight’ reaction isn’t just triggered by threat as overexcitement and excessive stress can cause the same response.

A panic attack occurs when too much adrenaline is flooding the body and the physical and emotional response to that is more than a person can cope with. Symptoms and sensations can include struggling to breathe, chest pains, light headedness or fainting, tingling, numbness, hot flushes, cold flushes, nausea and detachment from surroundings.

A panic attack (anxiety attack) typically lasts five to twenty minutes during which time the person can suffer a combination of these sensations. There is also no particular time of day panic attacks can take place, many people suffer them at night as during the day. All of these factors attribute to a frustrating mental problem that requires an effective treatment otherwise long-lasting psychological issues may develop. A hypnotherapist can help you with hypnosis from fearing fear and also teach methods that calm your mind. Controlling your thought process will prevent prolonged exposure to adrenaline and the long-term problems that stress or anxiety can bring.

A hypnotherapist can help deal with stress which causes panic attack / anxiety attacks.

A hypnotherapy session will typically begin by identifying how long stress and anxiety have been allowed to build up. Using relaxation techniques, hypnotherapy can begin to help you reduce stress levels. The hypnotherapist will then try to discover if there are particular places or situations that trigger the attacks more than others. These may lie hidden in the subconscious part of the brain. Once these factors have been uncovered, the hypnotherapist can begin to build confidence in approaching them in a different and positive way.

By inducing a hypnotic state, the subconscious mind becomes open to suggestion allowing you to view these negative places or situations in a non-threatening manner. Once they have been explored and understood in this way, they no longer become a threat and are less likely to trigger a panic attack. After a few sessions, you’ll begin to relax more and in time overcome your anxieties. Panic attacks (anxiety attacks) should then become a thing of the past and you’ll be able to get on with leading a happy panic attack free life.

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