Curing Obesity With Life Coaching

Curing obesity with Life Coaching

Obesity is spreading across the developed world at an alarming rate. In England alone, the number of people classed as obese has trebled in the last twenty years. Where exactly the problem began is difficult to say, but many historians place the root cause of obesity around the late 19th century when affluence was measured by how overweight a person was. As the perception of beauty shifted from the fuller figure, dieting became the buzz word and eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa appeared. However, weight gain was still prevalent and obesity was out of control by the mid-to-late 20th century due to a more sedentary lifestyle and availability of cheap, convenient ‘fast foods’.

With so many dieting and exercise books, videos and plans, how is it possible to know which one is best to help you lose weight? And why is the obesity problem so bad if all this help is available? Life coaching could help you make sense of weight loss and organise your life to beat the obesity problem. Successfully losing weight isn’t just about diet and exercise – a life coach (or life coaching) can teach you the other elements you’ll need to succeed.

Life coaching for weight loss success

Trying to find a formula to lose weight and keep the weight off is extremely difficult. Crash diets or avoiding foods from a particular food group can have dangerous consequences on your health. Rushing into an aggressive exercise regime can cause serious physical injury. To tackle obesity, there needs to be a measured approach to weight loss that incorporates lots of elements. Life coaching can create a structured and individually tailored program for achieving a healthy weight without endangering your physical and mental health.

Losing weight isn’t just about food. Preparing yourself mentally for the challenge that lies ahead is equally as important. Building confidence and self-esteem takes time, especially if the cause of your obesity was due to a negative outlook on your appearance or life in general. Life coaching addresses those issues that may be the root cause of your overeating. A life coach assists and supports you throughout the process so you can achieve a healthy state of mind and body.

The key elements that a life coach may introduce to your weight loss program include healthy nutrition and supplements, physical exercise and activity, behaviour modification and development of healthy eating habits. By implementing these changes, the life coach will help you step-by-step to achieving permanent weight loss. And it’s no use losing the weight only to put it on again; a healthy weight has to be maintained. Life coaching can help to make healthy eating and exercise second nature and remove the limiting beliefs that have held you back.

Beating obesity with life coaching

Life coaching is a positive step to giving up the bad habits that can lead to obesity. Rebuilding inner belief in yourself using a structured weight loss plan from your life coach and having a support network ready to boost your willpower and energy can help you achieve your goals. Contact your local life coach and start building a better, healthier life for yourself today.

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