Curing Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) with Hypnotherapy

Help IBS with HypnotherapyHelping irritable bowel syndrome IBS with hypnotherapy

Irritable bowel syndrome affects one in four people at some point in their lives and the symptoms can cause disruption, frustration and distress to a person’s lifestyle. Conventional drugs may give some relief to IBS sufferers but there is a long-term mental and emotional cumulative affect that can cause problems psychologically. Hypnotherapy helps to deal with these symptoms of IBS by taking a holistic view of the problem and addressing the root cause.

Doctors look at the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome while hypnotherapy makes an impact on a person’s responses to IBS. Approaching the management of IBS by looking at the whole body, hypnotherapists can address the psychological aspects and allow the client to move away from the thoughts and symptoms of IBS.

Understanding IBS and how a hypnotherapist can help

Irritable bowel syndrome is a disorder that affects the function of the bowel so it doesn’t work correctly. IBS is not a disease, but a group of symptoms referred to as a ‘syndrome’. People who suffer with irritable bowel can be affected by symptoms such as pain around the abdomen, stomach cramps, bloating, excess wind, diarrhoea and constipation. The exact causes of IBS are still unclear but healthcare professionals believe people with irritable bowel syndrome have overly sensitive nerves and muscles in the colon (also known as the large bowel and the area of the digestive tract where stools are stored).

Because IBS sufferers have sensitive colons, the muscles contract too much when eating causing cramps and diarrhoea. As the bowel stretches, the highly sensitive nerves also cause cramping and abdominal pain. Relief usually comes from a bowel movement which can be difficult and painful. Doctors can diagnose IBS by a barium x-ray of the large intestine (barium is a liquid that shows up on x-ray and is inserted into the large intestine through the anus) or a colonoscopy (a thin flexible camera inserted into the colon through the anus allowing the doctor to view the lower part of the colon).

Conventional medical treatment for IBS is medicines and dietary changes. Medicines prescribed for irritable bowel syndrome include laxatives to treat constipation and antispasmodics to control the muscle spasms in the colon that lead to pain in the abdomen. The other important treatment for IBS is stress relief and this is where visiting a hypnotherapist for hypnotherapy treatment can help.

The benefits of hypnotherapy for irritable bowel syndrome IBS

Doctors can help alleviate the physical symptoms of IBS but this isn’t enough if the patient wants to work through the syndrome. Sufferers of irritable bowel syndrome can be emotionally drained from their constant battle with the symptoms. Going through the physical examinations to identify the syndrome and then being told that IBS has no cure can lead to anxiety or depression. After years of pain and discomfort, emotions are drained and negative thoughts affect behaviour putting a strain on personal and professional relationships. Family life can begin to suffer and concentration at work diminishes. IBS sufferers need to regain an inner emotional strength to allow them to cope and work through their physical symptoms.

A hypnotherapist can help  boost confidence and self-esteem allowing the sufferer to emotionally recharge. By tapping into the subconscious (the part of the brain where thoughts and behaviours are formed), the hypnotherapist can help to switch negative thoughts and feelings about IBS to positive ones. Once this has taken place, IBS sufferers can begin to learn coping strategies and self-management of their syndrome allowing them to lead a positive and happy life again.

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