Curing Back Pain With Reflexology

Reflexology for back painReflexologists can help with back pain problems

Reflexology is an ancient therapy that uses reflex pressure points on the hands and feet to treat conditions in other areas of the body. One such condition is back pain. Back pain is one of the main causes of lost working hours in the UK. Acute back pain and chronic back pain affects millions of people every day causing disruption to home life and work. Reflexology has become one of the most popular forms of complementary therapy to help alleviate back pain.

A reflexologist can help reduce the pain and stress of back pain conditions such as sciatica and slipped discs by applying pressure to specific areas on the hands and feet. On one foot alone there is over 72,000 nerve endings that link to other parts of the body. Reflexologists can pinpoint the nerves that are directly linked to the lower back and use hands-on techniques to reduce stress, improve circulation and ease pain.

The spine is designed to bend, twist and be a shock-absorber. Back pain can be caused by damage to nerves, soft tissue and bones in the spine. Most cases of lower back pain are caused by poor posture, handling heavy loads, trips and falls or chairs that have insufficient back support. This type of simple back pain can be sudden or develop over a longer period of time. However, other types of back pain can prove to have more serious consequences. When the bones in the spine (known as vertebrae) become displaced through injury, tension or over-exertion, they can pinch the nerves causing pain, slow reflexes and poor mobility.

Back pain causes a disruption to the body’s nervous system that not only leads to pain but also a slowing down of the healing process. This can impact on recovery time from the back problem and a long lay-off from work. Back pain can have a detrimental psychological effect and people with a back condition find it makes them stressed which increases the level of pain they experience. A reflexologist looks to reduce stress and ease the symptoms of chronic back pain.

Reflexology triggers a physical response that releases endorphins; the body’s natural pain killing chemical. Once endorphins enter the bloodstream, back pain is relieved and people begin to experience a sense of well-being. Reflexology also increases blood flow and with better circulation of oxygen and nutrients, the body’s natural healing system is boosted. A properly functioning system can aid recovery from back pain and a strong immune system may prevent the back problem reoccurring.

Reflexology techniques and methods for curing back pain

The reflexologist will question you about your back problems and then examine your feet for colour, condition and appearance. Once a treatment plan has been discussed, they will begin applying massage type pressure to areas of the foot that correspond to your back pain. For instance, the heel of the foot has reflex points that link to the lower back, sciatic nerve and tailbone. The sensations you will feel vary and can sometimes be a little uncomfortable but people generally find reflexology relaxing. Reflexology can also cause an anaesthetic effect to your back pain as it is being applied.

If you have been suffering with a back problem, consider reflexology to help overcome the chronic pain and reduce your stress. Being free from pain will give you a better outlook on life and help you to cope with your back problem.

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