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Bowen therapy for cerebral palsyBowen Therapy case study on cerebral palsy

Ronak and Vishali are brother and sister and they started undergoing Bowen Therapy aged 15 and 17 years old respectively. Their parents, Sarita and Rajeesh Shah, informed me that, over the years, they had travelled the world visiting acclaimed clinics in their attempts to help their children. Vishali, the more severe case, was the first child in the Western Hemisphere to have acupuncture on the brain. Throughout their lives, both children had extensive physiotherapy which, although it did not improve their condition, had prevented it from deteriorating any further. The family had no knowledge of Bowen Therapy and little expectation of it helping, saying that even a 2% improvement would be welcome.

Treating cerebral palsy with bowen therapy

When I first met Ronak, he had extreme difficulty maintaining his balance and walking, as is characteristic of Cerebral Palsy. He needed his father or mother to walk with him and support him. When he sat, he collapsed forward, clearly having no strength in his back to support him in an upright position. Mentally, he wasn’t very “present” or conversant, even though I was told he did have the ability to talk.

On examination I found his legs and feet were far from straight. He had a marked Valgus condition at his knees, which were solidly locked together. His lower back, gluteal musculature, hips, hamstrings and ilio-tibial bands were also extremely tight. On deep inhalation, the only movement was very high on the back with no expansion at all in the lower part of his rib-cage and mid-lumbar region.

Vishali, I was told, had been able to walk, albeit not unaided, until a growth spurt extensively worsened her condition and necessitated her using a wheelchair from then on. From just below the knees downwards was ice cold to the touch and her feet were purple and blue. They were also considerably gnarled and twisted. Her calf muscles were solid and even more so were those in and around her knees, consequently markedly misshaping her legs. In addition she had notable thoracic kyphosis and lumbar scoliosis.

Having experienced so many different therapies over the years, most of which were quite forceful, invasive and exhausting, they both enjoyed Bowen Therapy as it is completely non-invasive. This helped them become deeply relaxed very quickly. Following the first treatment Ronak was more “present”… his face and eyes revealing definite and strong character.

Over time and a number of sessions Ronak’s legs have now been freed of so much of the muscle tightness that was contorting them. Consequently, both they and his feet are much straighter.

He can now sit upright with no difficulty. He still has considerable lower back tension and continued difficulty in walking unaided, but with ongoing Bowen Therapy treatment both of these continue to improve. He, himself, says: “My speech, stability and confidence, have improved”

Use bowen therapy to help ease the symptoms of cerebral palsy

Vishali’s response to Bowen Therapy has been very positive. Much of the tension and proportionate solid consistency of her body has been released. Her spine is now almost as it should be and her torso is definitely wider and has lengthened out quite notably. Her shoulder girdle is level and her pelvis far less hitched up, rotated and tilted. Her hips and knees are so much freer and her calves and feet no longer ice cold, showing a greatly improved circulation in these regions. Her ankles and feet are also far less densely tight, having considerably opened up and straightened.

Their father says that, since having Bowen, both Ronak and Vishali have improved by 75 per cent. Their mother, Sarita, agrees. “Both are much more relaxed in themselves and can now take life as fun, rather than as just suffering. Both are so much stronger in themselves, both physically and mentally. We were impressed to see so many positive changes in Ronak’s condition after just one Bowen treatment and can say that with every session since there has been continued improvement. We have noticed that the tightness in their spines continues to lessen and their limbs continue to improve beyond all expectation. Ronak is now a typical strong-willed teenager.

I would strongly recommend it to parents whose children are suffering from Cerebral Palsy because, for our children, it has achieved far better results than any other therapy we have tried.”

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