Smoking Hurts Everyone By Alice Aged 11

Smoking Hurts Everyone

Smoking is a great health risk. Smoking affects the smoker and also many people around them. Passive smoking, risks to unborn babies and pollution are just a few reasons why smoking hurts everyone.

Quit smoking – Passive smoking hurts others

The number of people dying each year from smoking related diseases is the same as a jumbo jet crashing each day – 120,000 each year. Many don’t realise how much smoking can damage your health. Smoking causes heart disease, liver damage and bad breath. Also, a smoker risks getting cancer, and having a heart attack or a stroke. This is called passive smoking.

Passive smoking is caused when people breathe in smoke from other people’s cigarettes. Passive smoking causes dizziness, risks of cancer and an increased risk of diseases. About half of the children in England live in houses with at least one smoker. Children don’t choose this.

Stop smoking – Don’t smoke when you are pregnant

However, the most dangerous thing is if you smoke when you are pregnant. This can lead to miscarriages, lower birth weight and babies that are likely to be sick. It also has been said that when mothers smoke when they are pregnant, their baby will be more likely to die after or be a still birth. Therefore smoking really hurts babies too.

Contrary to this, some people believe that they should have the choice to smoke. However, smoking is banned now in most places. It is very expensive and cigarette butts pollute the world too.

In conclusion, the points I have argued prove that smoking is a health risk. Also, passive smoking is a risk to health and to small babies. It also helps to pollute the world. These all show that smoking kills and affects everything around us.

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Alice Isaacs, Aged 11.

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