Problems Family Therapy May Help With

Family therapyFamily therapy can encourage and support parents and children

Parents often have behaviour management problems which usually respond quickly to a different approach. Parenting classes may be helpful but there may not be the time for individual discussion of a parent’s problem. Some parents can feel isolated and unsupported particularly when their family are not close by or unavailable. It can be helpful to discuss the problem with a Family Therapist who can encourage and support, rather than continue struggling on one’s own. Some children find it hard to cope with a new addition to the family. A parent who is dealing with a baby may find it difficult to manage a demanding older child.

Family Therapy may be able to help your child with Anxiety

All children suffer from bouts of anxiety which can sometimes occur spontaneously or be brought on by changes at home or at school. The anxious child may find it hard to go to sleep, have eating problems, angry outbursts or be fearful of leaving the parent. Sometimes anxieties may be expressed as phobias, bad dreams or obsessive behaviour.

Children can be very good at winding their parents up – they learn which buttons to push! They may find it difficult to accept ‘time out’. There can be frequent arguments and fighting with brothers and sisters. Parents may feel desperate for help.

Helping depression and low self esteem in your child with family therapy

Occasionally a child can show signs of being depressed and feeling ‘no good’. This may be a sign that something is going wrong at school. The child may be being picked on by other children or getting on the wrong side of a teacher. They may have been separated from friends. Sometimes a child may be setting him/ herself to high a standard in their school work. Another child may be having problems concentrating or is finding the work too difficult, perhaps they have a learning problem. Any of these can cause loss of self esteem.

Starting a new school or playgroup can seem an enormous challenge to some children and they may become school refusers. Coping with crying at the school gates can often prove difficult for a parent who wants their child to be happy and enjoy their school day.

If you feel that you or members of your family are suffering from some of the problems listed above then contact your local Family Therapist for help advice and support.

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Audrey Sandbank
Family Psychotherapist UKCP, Hon Consultant Tamba

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