Nutritional Therapy For Broken Bones And Arthritis

Nutritional Therapy helps broken bones and arthritis

One would have to be a complete optimist to see some advantage or learning from breaking an arm, particularly the right arm when you are right handed and self-employed. Having said that I experienced just such a situation 2 years ago at the age of 65. Through stupidity I succeeded in breaking my right arm high up towards the shoulder, which meant it could not be plastered. There was also damage to two bones within the shoulder.

Fast recovery from broken bones

Without me realizing it my steadfast belief in optimum nutrition and the use of supplements meant my recovery was happening much faster than the professionals were expecting. At the end of five weeks I had not needed to use the cuff and collar sling for over a week and had recovered more than about 85% of the use of the arm.

The magnitude of this success was made clear to me during my second appointment with the hospitals physiotherapist. He checked what movements I had, what pain I was experiencing i.e. virtually none, and had an intense feel around the site of the major break. At this point he told me my recovery was about where he expected a patient to be after 12 weeks! The thing I have found most pleasing about the whole episode has been the level of curiosity and the respect the professionals have for nutritional therapy.

The physiotherapist wanted to know what supplements I had been using and I shared with him the value of using Celadrin as an anti-inflammatory and explained I had slightly raised my use of Calcium Magnesium during that time and confirmed that I had not changed the level of Vitamin D in use beyond what I normally take as found in a powerful multivitamin which I use as a priority regardless.

Nutrition supplements for broken bones and arthritis

The physiotherapist wanted my opinion on dealing with patients with a diagnosis of Arthritis. Again I referred to the use of Celadrin and suggested that my clients find Glucosamine, as Glucosamine Chloride combined with MSM Sulphur, as the most cost effective way of using this joint repairer and stressed that it was best taken away from protein containing meals.

Even my initial visit to the Physiotherapy Department provoked considerable interest in my profession. The lady who did the initial assessment and provided a profile of exercises explained that her daughter was considering a career as a clinical nutritionist. I was pleased to provide some ideas as to how that could be achieved. My final visit with the orthopedic surgeon was also an indication of how far public opinion had shifted and how people view the importance of nutrition.

His expressed concerns about osteoporosis were quickly nullified when he looked at my file and saw that I was a Nutrition Consultant and expressed, much to my delight, that with my background I should know how to avoid such a condition. I am quite sure ten years ago such conversations would not have happened.

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Brian Hampton, Nutritionist, The Caring Clinic, Sheffield

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