Hypnotic Regression Remembering The Past

Hypnotic regression with hypnotherapyHypnotherapy and Hypnotic Regression

Sometimes feeling stuck, hurt or upset in our life can often have no reason for being that way. Hypnotherapy and hypnotic regression can help us trace the origins of those feelings and follow the chain reaction that took place to get us in the state we are currently in.

Under hypnosis we can often discover that the root of the problem we are experiencing may not even be our fault. It may belong to the experiences and challenges faced by a memory belonging to someone else. Either way, hypnosis can remove whatever is blocking our path and allow us to carry on living a happy life.

Hypnotherapy: Past Life Regression PLR

Past Life Regression, referred to as PLR, can access memories from a past life as easily as we can access memories from things we did yesterday, last week or a year ago. PLR is usually undertaken to resolve emotional or psychological problems but some people attend a PLR session out of curiosity or to have a spiritual experience.

Whether the regression actually takes us to a real past life or an imaginary one, the memory is usually an accurate recollection and evokes emotions that are proving difficult to overcome. As a speciality within hypnotherapy, past life regression is still in its infancy but many people have received therapeutic benefit from PLR.

Regression Hypnotherapy

Regression hypnotherapy, or hypnotic regression, takes a person back to an earlier time in their life, typically childhood where strong emotions are forged that often remain for life. Many of our phobias stem from fears as a child that we’ve never outgrown. Trauma from an accident, illness or experience in childhood can remain in our subconscious. Hypnotic regression allows us to view the problem as an adult and therefore from a logical perspective. Once the problem is understood, it can be interpreted and corrected.

Hypnotic regression can place you in a deep trance or in a light state of hypnosis. The hypnotherapist may take you down into the trance in stages assessing the point at which the memory begins to appear and holding you in that stage. This varies depending on the individual and some people are not able to go down into a deep trance. Some hypnotherapists will use a book technique to place you into regression. This technique involves you first closing your eyes and imagining you are in a room with shelves of books. You take a book and open it, imagining there to be a picture of you as you are now and today’s date. The next page will be another picture of you, only a year earlier. This continues until you reach a page in the book that is at the point in your life the hypnotherapist wants you to regress to.

Once at a positive regressed stage, the hypnotherapist asks you to imagine the picture moving and to step inside it. You will explore the scene and then approach your former life before stepping into it as if putting on a boiler suit. Once in this position, you have moved from an observer of the scene (called a disassociated position) to being yourself and looking through your own eyes (known as the associated position). Once in this stage, the hypnotherapist will question you about your feelings and existence at that time in your life before gradually easing you back into the present.

Hypnotic regression can provide a valuable insight to your past and provide a powerful experience to help you overcome feelings that you have previously been unable to explain or deal with.

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